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Chatterbox Times is published!

The Chatterbox Times has been published just in time for the end of term! Copies are available in the Reading Jungle as well as on the website. Remember to check in the local press to see other journalistic writing from this talented team of HCPS children!

Gifts for the JASS Baking Club

The Hornsea Lions kindly donated money so that all children who have been part of Miss Savage's JASS Baking Club could receive a free copy of the Be-Ro baking book so that they can continue to develop their skills at home. All children received their books and a certificate in a special assembly this week. Thanks to Miss Savage for running this extremely popular and busy club and many thanks to the Hornsea Lions for their generosity.

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As part of 'JASS', children have to become involved in their school or local community. They can choose what they do as long as it involves helping others. Many of our children have chosen to set up lunchtime clubs for younger children. The photographs below show you just some of the activities our children doing.

17.06.16 - Peer Mentoring



Peer mentoring is a great experience and helps younger children to socialise with older children. Peer mentoring also gives children a great opportunity to make new friends and help children to communicate.


Building younger children's confidence isn't always easy but since starting peer mentoring things have changed. Earning their trust is an important part of peer mentoring without their trust who knows what crazy things the younger children would do.


Through my experiences I think that it's great fun to work with younger children.


Please try peer mentoring for yourself! - Arianne


I have thoroughly enjoyed peer mentoring in 5CW because it has been really fun and I feel like I have helped someone. It has inspired me, I liked merging with younger children. I hope I made an impact on their learning. - Daniel


I have had an amazing experience doing peer mentoring. The first day I came in, I didn't know anyone and no one knew me but now every day when I walk in the door everyone says my name. An amazing experience! - Phillipa


​I have loved the peer mentoring experience and what it is like to be a teacher. I found it funny how the children constantly tapped me when they needed attention. - Jessica


I have enjoyed peer mentoring in 1/2JB and I know how hard it is for my teacher now. -Olivia


​It is hard being a teacher and it doesn't always go your way. I enjoyed it though! - Redford





Friday 13th May

The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations!


What a fantastic effort made by every single baker at baking club these last couple of weeks.

The bakers have been busy modelling the Queen and her corgis out of fondant icing ready to go on display on Friday.


On Thursday afternoon, once the National Curriculum tests had finished, all bakers worked as a team in the KS2 hall on decorating 517 buns; one for every child in school. Once the buns had been decorated with red, blue and white icing, they were arranged into the Union Jack flag ready to go on display with the fondant models at the Queen's birthday celebrations.


The children are also writing a letter to the Queen herself, sending her the pictures of the day- keep your fingers crossed for a reply!


Please take a look at the AMAZING work and creations the bakers produced...




This week the bakers made gingerbread men and women. Although they looked delicious, the children forgot to add one vital ingredient into the mixture...SUGAR!!

It was a brilliant lesson learnt and therefore the children will hopefully remember to double check each ingredient next time.


...I bet Mary Berry made some little mistakes when she began baking.


The children have been busy making pancakes this week. I wish we had made some spare! 'mmm!'




We hope everyone had a lovely Easter break!

This week the bakers created some beautiful pastry roses, consisting of cream cheese, sugar, softened apples, cinnamon and puff pastry -baked for 40 minutes!


The classroom smelt beautiful!
Please take a look at this weeks creations...



This week, in Baking club the children have been busy baking chocolate chip and raisin cookies. The children have also designed their next fondant icing figurine ready to make next week, along with Easter chocolate nests!


Please take a look at their latest bakes...mmm!


The stained-glass window biscuits have also been added. These were delicious and very easy to make. To create the stained-glass look the children crushed boiled sweets- these melted when baked. They looked brilliant!


Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club 1
Newspaper Club 2

Computer Club



Our 'Lunchtime Supervisors' are very impressed with the maturity of the children who run these clubs. "The 'Cheerleading Club' is very popular. The children accommodate specific children's needs and create routines which even the smallest children can remember." Also 8-10 KS1 children have been attending Alfie and Rosie's 'Chess Club' over the last 6 weeks. "Alfie and Rosie have taught many young children to play chess. They  have shown patience and have a calm attitude towards the younger children. The children all love it."

Picture 1
Picture 2

Cheer Leading Club

St John's First Aid Training


This week our star bakers decorated some cupackes for Mother's Day during Friday lunchtime, adding fondant roses, butterflies, lettering and edible glitter. What a beautiful array of colour!

Monday 7th March was the beginning of the after school baking club. The children were able to create something of their choice out of fondant icing, whilst small groups were taking it in turns to help mix the ingredients for fruit flapjack.


The school smelt beautiful throughout!

Please take a look at last nights creations!

Baking Club


During lunchtime on Fridays, Miss Savage has been running a baking club from 12.30pm to 1.10pm as part of the JASS award in school. The children are able to develop their home baking skills and knowledge further through learning new techniques such as modelling fondant icing animals and roses!


The children have created some amazing models and baked some delicious biscuits!


Please take a look at some of their creations...



Chatterbox Reporter - Seeds from Space!

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