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JASS for 2016-2017 was launched in November 2016. Children are about to begin receiving the first "Sectional Certificates" to celebrate their completion and achievement of certain sections. Many will be receiving these sectional certificates for "My Interests" and/or "Get Active Stay Active" in Celebration Assemblies straight after the Easter holidays. They are well on their way to completing their Awards in July 2017! Children's activities which count as part of their Awards include hockey, football, choir, orchestra, music lessons, Young Farmers, dance, Scouts, Pilots (to name but a few).

After school 'Baking Club' was hugely successful last term and children made some tasty food. Have a look below and at the blog to see photos. Baking club  has proved to be so popular that there is a "second round" of the club which will start after Easter. Thanks must go to Miss Savage, who does an utterly brilliant job. Thanks also to the regular adult helpers. Watch this space for photographs and delicious recipes.


Our intrepid team of Year 5 reporters "The Chatterbox Club" meet each Monday to create a monthly newspaper report for one of Hornsea's local newspapers. They take their job very seriously and always have their copy ready for the editor on time. Look out for their work! All of the reports they have had published can be seen if you click on the "Community" tab and look in "We're in the news!".


Several groups of children organise and run lunchtime clubs for younger children. They have taken great care to provide a variety of clubs e.g. dance club. It is a pleasure to see children of different ages working together with their dance routines and meeting new friends. Other children run clubs for children from their own year groups e.g. art clubs, sewing clubs.


Computer club continues to be popular with one of our Lunchtime Supervisors running the club. Children's ICT skills (programming) are developing well - they often leave their teachers  way behind!


All children doing JASS have attended St John Ambulance First Aid Training and several use their new skills regularly as they act as "Playground Rangers" or "First Aid Rangers" on the KS1 playground at lunchtime. They look out for children who may have hurt themselves (or just need a friend) and get them the help they need. These children do a fantastic job and help to build the sense of community within our school. This goes towards the "Me and My World" section of their awards.


Fifteen Y5 JASS children helped others by doing a bag pack at Tesco for 'Children in Need'. Well done everyone!smiley



JASS Baking Club 2017


Week 1

What a great start to Baking club!
The children made two trays of delicious flapjack which filled the school corridors with a beautiful smell. Lots of teachers popped their heads in to see if there were any spare pieces of flapjack up for grabs...unfortunately they were too late!smiley


Week 2

This week the children have been busy sculpting fondant Dalmatian dogs. Take a look at the photos - they are so unique and full of character!

JASS Baking Club

Week 1:

What a great start we have made already and what better way to start getting into the festive spirit than by modelling Father Christmas himself out of fondant icing.


Week 2:

This week we made humorous 'melted snowmen' shortbread biscuits. In groups, the children needed to read the recipe and double check they had added every ingredient to ensure a tasty biscuit!


Week 3:

What better way to finish for the Christmas holidays than baking mini Christmas pudding muffins (filled with raisins and chocolate chips), dipped in melted white chocolate and handmade fondant holly and berries!

Luckily there were a few spare and I got to taste one...DELICIOUS!


Week 4:

This week the bakers have been learning to use 'line' and 'flood' icing, using piping bags.
This technique is a lot harder than it looks but...WOW - the bakers took to this like a duck to water and in a small amount of time!


Week 5:

This week the children made some Viennese fingers. The smell that filled the corridors was just beautiful and the biscuits tasted very good indeed! We even had a few visitors (teachers) pop into the classroom with a chance of sampling the children's bakes! 


Week 6:

This week the children have been very busy making chocolate brownies! The children followed the recipe very well until we realised that we hadn't added the butter, but luckily the butter was melted and we could stir it in!

A few of the children also prepared a speech for their parents explaining the exciting news of our 'project bake'!


Week 7:

What a wonderful Wednesday! Isabelle Sharkey set herself an amazing challenge over the weekend to bake 20 mini Victoria sponges for all of the children in baking club! How very kind! I think Mary Berry would have been over the moon. There wasn't a soggy bottom to be seen smiley

The children decorated their cakes with buttercream and/or fondant icing, adding their initials and a few flowers. They looked amazing! (Isabelle even brought in 20 cake boxes for the cakes to be carried home in!)


Week 8:

Fondant flowers were this weeks focus in baking club! The children were taught how to make marzipan bees, fondant roses and calla lilies. All were unique and beautiful! 


Week 9:

Happy Valentines Day!

The baking club baked their very own Jammie Dodger biscuits but with a twist - in the shape of a heart for Valentines Day! They look beautiful and tasted superb!


Week 10:

Pancakes! This week we made pancakes by mixing our own batter and picking a topping of our choice! We had a variety of chocolate spread, sugar, lemon juice and maple syrup!

There was a very excited and sugar-fuelled club of bakers this evening!


What a fantastic 10 weeks we have had!!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you from all the children to Claire, Isabelle's mum, for helping with the Baking Club over the last 10 weeks! You have been a great help. We look forward to seeing you in May for our Hull City of Culture Challenge! smiley


Please take a look at your child's baking...