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Children 2015-2016


“It’s a great new step in school which is taken seriously. It opens up lots of new clubs alongside the main JASS club on Monday lunchtimes.”

Joe Jenney 5SP

“JASS is fun and it lets me feel like an adult when I am teaching and running my own club for the younger children.”

Daisy Waite 6NF

“It’s a new way to make friends and feel proud of your achievements. It’s also good to hear positive praise from parents about your achievements.”

Trinity Fox 6NF

“You get to learn outside more, especially in the Adventure part.”

James Boyd 5SP

“It’s something to show that I can achieve and stick at my targets.”

Freya Tudor 5SP

“I can develop my skills and stick at tasks.”

Redford Osborne 6NF

“It gives me something to do at lunchtimes and I feel like I am part of a special club.”

Poppy Cunningham 5SP

“It fills my time; there are lots of fun activities to do.”

Libby Gaskell 6NF

“It gives me more activities to do on a lunchtime.”

Charlotte Crilly-Hicks 5HG

“It’s fun and you meet new people.”

Cordelia Singleton 5HG


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