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JASS for Year 5 and 6 children 2017 - 2018

This year the way in which we run JASS will be slightly different...

Any year 5 or 6 child wanting to participate in JASS will have to attend the JASS club which will be after school (evening yet to be decided). A variety of activities will be available at this club which will count towards JASS and staff will also be available to support children with compiling their evidence for their JASS folders.

In addition we will be working closely with community groups from Hornsea to find worthwhile and meaningful projects for children to be involved with as part of the "Me and My World" section of the award.

We would also like parents and carers to be more involved than in previous years and will be having an information evening for all children (and their families) interested in starting JASS soon after the October half term.

In the meantime, to gain a taste of what JASS is about google the official JASS website or  have a look below at activities and achievements of previous JASS participants...


 JASS update April 2018

  • Many children have already earned 1 or 2 sectional certificates in assembly ... they are well on their way to achieving their Awards in Summer 2 so well done to them!
  • Children are doing a huge variety of sports as part of their Get active Stay Active section - it's great to see so many children enjoying and exceeding in their chosen sports!
  • My Interests includes activities such as drumming, choir, knitting, sewing, conservation work, orchestra, British Sign Language, junior reporters club to name a few. What a talented lot our children are!
  • The community aspect of the Award, "Me and My World", is going extremely well. Many children have been raising money for "School in a Box", a UNICEF project which supplies a basic teaching kit for 1 teacher and 30 children for areas affected by war or natural disaster.  Some children did a bun sale and raffle outside the Lions shop in Hornsea over the Easter holidays which was heart-warming to see. Another group are learning to crochet on Thursday club night so that they can crochet squares to create a blanket for homeless people in our region. Finally, one group are campaigning hard to help Hornsea to Achieve "plastic-free" status and have presented to the town Council and visited many local businesses to ask them to reduce the amount of single-use plastic they use. In addition to all of these activities several children are doing their own community projects which really makes a difference to others.
  • The Adventure trip will take place for all children doing JASS in late June or early July. Children have put some suggestions forward as to what to do and where to go and are really looking forward to this part of the Award. The Hornsea Lions have kindly donated a large sum of money to fund this trip as recognition of the amazing work the children are doing by participating in the Award Scheme.
  • It's lovely to be such an active part of the local community, and here at Hornsea Community Primary School that's what we are all about. Thank you to all local individuals and groups who support our children.