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School Council 2016-2017


Our School Council members are led by Miss Thompson.


One School Council member has been chosen from each class from EYFS to Year 6. 


Picture 1 Fraser from RCF
Picture 2 Scarlet from RLB
Picture 3 Emily from RSB
Picture 4 Izzy from 1JR
Picture 5 Mary from 1KB
Picture 6 Keira from 1LW
Picture 7 Jay from 2KB
Picture 8 Tori from 2MT
Picture 9 Poppy from 2JC
Picture 10 Chloe from 3LW
Picture 11 Naomi from 3AW
Picture 12 Tia-May from 3/4HR
Picture 13 Meisha from 4JB
Picture 14 Maisy from 4CW
Picture 15 Millie from 5LJ
Picture 16 Emily from 5CW
Picture 17 Macey from 5HG
Picture 18 Drew from 6SP
Picture 19 Cordelia from 6TK
Picture 20 Alfie from 6NF

November 3

School Council members discussed and decided to host a whole school fancy dress bun sale on Friday 18th November to raise money for Children in Need. The day was a great success - we raised a massive £1,229,09.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
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Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
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Picture 15
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Picture 17
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Picture 27

November 2

School Conucil member Tori Bean, along with classmate, Tilly Raw, represented Hornsea Community Primary School in Hornsea's Memorial Service on Sunday. They took part in the memorial church service before parading our wreath through town and laying the wreath in Memorial Gardens along with various military representatives.  They both represented the school impeccably, and presented themselves fantastically. Thank you and well done girls, we are very proud of you. 


Picture 1

November 1 

Today we planted 100 bulbs with the Hornsea Lions to represent their 100 years in action. The bulbs we planted were donated by the lions and have been planted by the newbegin entrance of school on the left hand side. We worked really hard! We had to push them deep into the ground, cover them and then water them. So, next time you are walking into school keep your eyes pealed for 100 sprouting daphodils. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

October 2

Todag we expressed our own opinions/thoughts about our school and discussed each other's thoughts. We have decided it is vitally important for us to gather the opinions of the children here at school, We have decided to set up s thoughts box for otger children to put their thoughts in. (We are going to empty the box and review the comments once s month). To make sure we don't miss out this is what we said:

Jay (2KB) - "More visitors to come into school because they teach me lots of new things"

Izzy (1JR) - "New books in my classroom"

Keira (1LW) - "More helpers at school"

Fraser (RCF) - "More time on the bikes"

Mary (1KR) - "A school dog!"

Scarlett (RLB) - "More school trips"

Emily (RSB) - "More books in my classroom"

Chloe (3LW) - "More skipping ropes"

Maisy (4CW) - "More school shows. Not just Y6 leaving show"

Alfie (6NF) - "Swimming opportunity for all of KS2. Not just Y3"

Macey (5HG) - "Play area equipment for KS2"

Cordelia (6TK) - "Longer school hours or less playtime"

Emily (5CW) - "More fun/creative lessons"

Cordelia (6TK) - "Different system for lunch, last sitting at lunch = half portions. Not fair considering the wastage from KS1 & EYFS children"

Macey (5HG) - "Chairs for long assemblies and shows"

Cordelia (6TK) - "KS2 take hot dinners outside/ in quad in summer, packed lunch get to"

Macey (5HG) - "Cleaner floor after lunch, it is so dirty to sit on during assembly. Disgusting"

Millie (5LJ) - "More school trips"

Drew (6SP) - "Free school discos at the end of each term"

All KS2 council members - "Film Friday - after school. Once a month/term"

All KS2 council members - "Cleaner toilets. Always broken and dirty. Maybe toilet monitors?"

All KS2 council members - "Bigger/Better water fountains. Maybe drinking water in classroom? Or water dispensers?"



October 1

Today we have designed and made 150 birthday cards. We have done one for every member of staff in the school. Their card will be delivered to them on their birthday.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Today our 2016/17 school council members met for the very first time. We spent some time getting to know one another and spoke about our likes and dislikes. We also had our photogrprahps taken for our display board and wrote a little speech bubble telling everyone who we are and who we represent. 

School Council 2015-2016



As a group we discussed the following questions;



What do you think of our creative arts days?

We love creative arts. It is lots of fun. We enjoy being with the other children from different classes. To improve it, we would like to have a Creative Arts week instead of the two days that we had this year. 


How do you like our new outdoor classroom?

It is great. It is colourful and comfy, we are very lucky to have it. Being able to eat your lunch outside in the sun is good. We perhaps need a few more chairs. 


What do you think of the new outside reading area?

The reading area is fantastic. Lots of children are using it to read, colour or just to have some quiet time. The reading area is really cool.