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Unit 4- The National Community

Unit 4 - The National Community

During this Unit, the three classes have been looking at a variety of charities who are working to bring about change on a national level.

They have been learning all about the different ways the charities impact others and how people can get involved in supporting them.

The children came up with a really good idea to help raise awareness and money for Help for Heroes, Water Aid and The Archbishop of York, Young Leader's Award. They designed a poster for a ‘super hero’ day at school for Help for Heroes, an 'all-dressed-in-blue day' for Water Aid and come to school dressed as 'Archie Bishop'.


Each poster raised awareness of each charity, explaining where the money raised will go and why they wanted to hold a non-school uniform day.

It is brilliant to see so many of you so enthusiastic and willing to contribute to these charities; locally, nationally and globally!


The children learnt all about Democracy in today's lesson, finding out where it originated from and why it is used today. The children worked in 3 groups (the parties- All-in-blue day, Super Hero Day and Archie Bishop Day) and as a team wrote reasons why the rest of the class should vote for them and their charity. The children then stood up in front of the rest of the class and tried to persuade why they should vote for them.


Later that lesson, the children were able to vote for the non-school-uniform day they would like to be held at school. The children had to place their vote and place it in the Ballot Box for the results to be counted and verified at a later date.

Watch this space!






Heroes - children and the grown ups who are doing extraordinary things to make the world more awesome!

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