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A day in The Orchard

Our ethos and values:

To develop each child to his or her full potential in all areas.

To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils.

To prepare each child for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience of life.

To encourage children to respect and care for themselves, others and their environment.

To develop self-esteem and have responsible attitudes.

To encourage the enjoyment of living and learning and promote enquiring minds.

These values are achieved by the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum, catering for individual needs through a personalised timetable.


Our group follows a structure and routine that is clear to both children and all adults, it includes group listening and speaking, each session has a planned activity which is directly connected to the area highlighted through their Boxall Profile assessment.These can include Chatter bugs, role play, drama, art and music, exploring emotions and feelings and supporting each other.


We follow a timetable that includes short lessons that are personalised to each pupil ( see planning attached.) Daily we follow structure with a visual timetable so that pupils have routine.


Breakfast time is a very important start to each day it is a time to share food that has been prepared by the children to encourage talk around the table, a time to listen to each other taking turns to speak, to work as part of  a team and also to offer individual support when needed. Mindfulness is also important, where pupils practice and focus on their emotions and listening skills we love to practice yoga and also calming breathing techniques


The Orchard is a place where pupils grow in confidence, become engaged and are successful learners in their classrooms and the school community. Children understand that they are valued. We provide opportunities for pupils to express their feelings and feel taht they have  a voice.

At The Orchard we believe that Parents are essential in promoting children's development and learning. The Orchard staff work hard to build positive and productive relationships. parents are actively encouraged to speak with staff members on a daily basis as well as being invited to attend regular progress meetings and celebrations.


Our priority at The Orchard is to enable our pupils to form positive attachments with others, to make good choices and to now that they have  a voice that is important, build self-esteem and to be resilient and reflective but most importantly to feel  happy.