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It is our intent at Hornsea Community Primary School for every child to be given an education that builds on their strengths, addresses their individual needs and ensures progression. Assessment is an essential tool in the delivery of this intent.



Assessment is a daily part of the life of the school. Assessments through monitoring of children’s work are taken into account, and marking and feedback is used by teachers to inform their teaching and ensure that children know their next step and what they need to do to improve. More formal methods of assessment provide feedback on pupil progress and ensure a rigorous approach to curriculum delivery.

The purposes of assessment are:

  • to be formative, providing information for the teacher to plan the next steps in the children’s learning and support children identifying their own next steps;

  • to be diagnostic, providing more detailed information about individual children’s strengths and weaknesses;

  • to be summative, providing a snapshot of each child’s achievement – these can be reported to parents;

  • to be evaluative, allowing the school and individual teachers to evaluate how effective their teaching is;

  • to inform the children to enable them to develop their learning.

  • to make use of specific learning objectives and assessment opportunities in the delivery of high quality lessons.

  • to evaluate current practice and to inform future planning.