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'In Computing this term the children in Keystage 2 have been using safe searching skills to find information and to understand that the information that they may find online is not always correct. They have looked at ways of finding the most accurate data that they can. Year's 5 & 6 have had open floor sessions on 'Internet Safety' during  PSHCE  and then created presentations on the 'Pros and Cons' of the Apps that they are using on a regular basis. They have discussed why it is important not to post personal information online and that only suitable images with permission should be posted. In groups the children have discussed the consequences and what to do if they should feel uncomfortable with anything that they see or hear online.

Year 3/4 children have started to develop their ICT skills in making presentations about themselves.


Summer Term 2017

In Computing this term the children are exploring the different uses of Excel. Year 3/4 have collected and recorded data (exercise activities that can be counted in 30 seconds), then inputed their results, created graphs and interpreted their findings to make statements relevant to their data.

Year 5 children have looked at using formulae to create times tables and a second activity of using a spreadsheet to budget their pocket money. Using currency formatting to understand problems caused by inputing data incorrectly.

Year 6 have improved their skills by budgeting for a child's birthday party - using tools such as formatting cells, autosum and formalae to prove their results.



KS2 have been really busy this term, we have spent the majority of Spring Term 1 recapping and improving our e-safety skills and knowledge. Year 3 have watched CEOP's 'Hector's World', discussing throughout the series the consequences of sharing their personal details. Years 4, 5 & 6 watched the 'Play, Like, Share' series, this highlighted the dangers and consequences of posting images or videos online. It was followed up with a questionnaire which showed the level of understanding of these issues. In Spring 2 the children will be using this knowledge to create and programme scenarios in 'Scratch'.


Transferring our knowledge of Internet Safety and learning to broadcast in Scratch.

Groovy Greek Maze Game

In Year 3/4 the children are developing a 'Groovy Greek Maze' game. 

HTML Coding in Year 5/6.

Debugging, coding and problem solving in Year 5/6.


3/4 - We can use a variety of software to create 'The Christmas Story'.

6 - A 'Magical Toy' for Christmas - We needed imagination, a design, some code and logical thinking.

Can we design, write and debug code?

Year 5/6 - Programming, debugging and understanding co-ordinates!

Year 4 - Their mission—to design a robot, create a code that would make it move and speak. Your amazing children did this...

Year 3 - Programming an aquatic scene!

Year 4 - What can you do with Roamer and a calculator? Quite a lot!

Year 5 & 6 - Is it a 'Human' or 'Physical' geographical feature?

Year 5 & 6 used their research skills to find out about  'Physical' and 'Human' geographical features of North and South America using key words and safe searching. They then had to locate where the feature belonged on the  map in the classroom.

Year 3/4 use their research skills to locate mountains in the British Isles. They then had to find the county that their mountain was located in.


Using Photostory 3 to create a narrated film clip.

Data Collecting, Presenting and Analysing - Year 3/4

Programming, debugging and broadcasting - Year 5

Year 3 - Creating Stop Motion Animation

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Year 3- Inputing data and analysing the results.

Year 3/4 - We can collect data, input data, create graphs and talk about our findings!

Year 5 - Using Scratch we have used the broadcasting tool to create an interview with a famous person.

Year 6 - Can use a budget to create a street party for the Queen.



In computing  our main focus is on e-Safety this half term, reinforcing previous sessions and embedding how the children can keep safe while using the internet. Everyday new technologies are coming out and keeping up with what our young people are using/doing online is very important to their wellbeing and safety. 

We are holding 'Open Floor' sessions, the children can discuss what they use, the benefits of what they use, whether it is safe, do they actually physically know who they are talking to, how they know who they are talking to and what systems they can put in place to keep themselves safe. 


E-Safety messages from Year 3!

3JC discuss how to keep safe on the internet!

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February - March 2016

Year 3/4 children have been using their topic knowledge to create presentations using 'Scratch'. They have used new skills to find their own images using the internet and create sprites to use to demonstrate their new found knowledge on Egyptians and Pharaohs.

The children in Year 5 have been using their coding skills to create a dual player maze game. They have used  'Raiders' as the theme. The characters were programmed to move through the maze but if they hit a trap the children had use coding to create a consequence.
The children in Year 6 have started to use a new coding programme called 'Alice'. It is allows the children to create 3d worlds! 

Year 3/4 using Roamer!

Using excel to calculate!




Wow wow wow! As always I am truly amazed by the enthusiasm of my 'COMPUTING' groups. Taking into consideration our focus on Geography this half term the Year 5/6 children have been broadening their knowledge of our world and the Year 3/4's have been focusing on The British Isles (with some stretching the groups by wanting to show off their knowledge of the 'World'. Each class talked about the differences between natural and human geography. During paired discussion the children shared the places that they have been to and using post-it-notes they wrote them down. Their next challenge was to find the places that they had visited and place them on the map.


After sharing what they knew already we then decided to set up a 'Line of Enquiry.' The challenge was to create questions for Google. What would they like to know about the world they live in? Here are just a few: Does the North Pole have a pole? How many miles would you travel if you went around the equator? Why does our planet look blue from outer space? How long is 'The Great Wall of China'? How many continents are there? How many children were born at 14.20 on Tuesday (15.09.15) in the world? How many mountains are there in the Alps? What is the tallest mountain in the UK? What is the biggest lake in the UK? Where is it? How many miles would you walk if you walked around England? How many times does England fit into Russia? After talking about safe/sensible searching and search engines we set off using Google to find out about our world! The results have been amazing and hopefully in a few weeks you will see what amazing, inquisitive and talented children we have at HCPS! There was also a challenge - Two children found two different answers to the same question - What could the class do about it? How could they find out which answer (if either) was correct? Why does the 'World Wide Web' have such varied answers to questions?





Year 5 - Photostory3 - Geography Project

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Andrew and Archie's World!

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Year 4 - Our Amazing World!

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Year 5 investigate the characteristics of British Lighthouses and programme their own mimic!

Year 3/4 design a prototype for a toy.

Year 3 programme an underwater scene!

Children's Voice

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Year 5 try out their programming.

Year 3/4's working prototypes.

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Twas The Night Before Christmas -Year 5

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The Nutcracker Suite - Year 6

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Summer 2

Our 1/2 children have accomplished so much this half term. They have finished their projects on ‘Nocturnal Animals’, researched and written keywords about ‘The Great Fire of London’, designed a PowerPoint including their own images of ‘The Great Fire of London and their facts from earlier research. They have gathered their own data on ‘Favourite Pets’, put it into a class tally chart and then used a spreadsheet to create a bar chart. We then used pertinent questioning so that they could understand and analyse their data.

Tying in with PSHCE, Year 4, 5 and 6 children discussed the values that they look for in their peers, and then looking at the list, highlighted ones that were relevant to adults in school. Taking this idea forward the children wrote short overviews and then working in groups of four, organised themselves into filming short clips. Hopefully you will see the compilation soon.


Year 3 children have finished their Scratch music project. They have researched and organised data on ‘Greek Myths’ and also used images and a variety of fonts to create some lovely ‘Summer Safety’ posters.


Year 4 children have each made a ‘Scratch project on Wade’s Hornsea and created storyboards on Greek Myths and we hope to use these to create their own stop motion animation.


In preparation for Year 6 and Secondary school, the children in these year groups have had the opportunity to try out various tools within Word, this has given them the skills to use the program with confidence and enhance their presentation skills.

Summer Term 1


Welcome to Computing in Summer Term !




Year 1/2 - Espresso Coding - The children have experienced their first session of Espresso this term. Their confidence and ability to navigate this coding software has grown term after term.


Tying in with this term's theme, 'The Artist's Palette' the Year 1/2 children have looked at some of Picasso's portrait work where he placed features of the subjects face in the wrong place. The children compared portrait pictures of themselves with Picasso's work and identified the differences. Using a software package they then recreated pictures of themselves in the same style as Picasso.






As always Year 3/4 were up for another challenge. To create musical note sprites with motion. They used imported images and edited them to make each note look unique. They then used a song sheet to create the required notes, once they had completed this they were able to try and play the piece of music.


Year 5 started the Summer term with their unwavering determination to create a 'Dodgeball' game in Scratch. Motion, variables, sensing, co-ordinates and control were just some of the words flying around the room.


Can our Year 6 children design and create individual musical notes with different costumes and discover the piece of music that they have been given? Then debug the notes to play another surprise piece of music. Create exciting and varied backgrounds. Change the musical instruments to add variety.  Use the keyboard of a computer in the place of piano keys.

Watch this space to find out!


The year 1/2 children loved using Scratch so much that they are reinforcing and extending their skills by creating an animated 'Nocturnal Animals' fact file. They have started by creating a dusk background/stage for their animals to appear on. The next step is to create some nocturnal animals (sprites) and name them. Hopefully each child will be able to create at least two costumes per animal, this will add another fun element for their audience.


Joseph Wade's Hornsea! Can our Year 3/4 children present this gentleman's influence on Hornsea and it's history using Scratch?  How much can we remember from our lesson's to bring to our computing lesson? Watch this space!


Charlotte is really pleased with her game of dodgeball - please have a go and see if you can avoid the ball to win!


The up and down arrows control the right hand sprite. To control the left hand sprite try out numbers 1 and 4.



6SP and 6LT have designed and created individual musical notes with different costumes and discovered the piece of music that they have been given using a computer keyboard in the place of piano keys. The children have used their debugging skills to alter the notes to play another surprise piece of music. Everyone created exciting and varied backgrounds.  Catherine's partner Ben took their work to a whole new level (she had an important netball match) and changed the notes and wrote the notation for Beethoven's beautiful piece of music - Für Elise. Please have a go and see if you recognise the tune.

Joe's music project!

Can you play this tune using Joe's notes?

Can you name this tune?

C  C  G  G  A  A  G

F  F  E  E  D  D  C

G  G  F  F  E  E  D

G  G  F  F  E  E  D

C  C  G  G  A  A  G

F  F  E  E  D  D  C


Can you play a different tune using these notes?

Spring Term 2


Welcome to Computing in Spring Term 2!


Year 5 are into week 3 of their 'Scratch Project' — they have worked really hard to create individual games with thought and a huge amount of effort. Over the next couple of weeks I hope to post a few of them on this page. I am so proud of their enthusiasm and determination to get each one just right.


To play Kaci-Jo's game you will need to use the space bar, the left and right arrow. Can you work out how to avoid the traps? Good luck, it is tricky!

Quotes from Year 5


Yasmin: Poppy's is amazing because every time you hit the black you get 66 points.


Ellie: In Isobel's game you get an extra five points each time you touch the sword. It is very challenging! 


Jessica: Libby's traps are good and I really like it.



Year 6 have been using their new found skills using 'Alice', to create either a short 'Fairytale', 'E-safety' or 'Anti-Bullying messages. This is only the second time they have used the programme, so I think they have done an excellent job!

E-safety by Alicia

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E-safety by Isobel

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The Year 1/2 children are in their second week of coding. The children's confidence is growing term by term and they are  explaining more clearly how the code they are writing works. This week we have focused on peer assessment with the children questioning each other. (What are you doing? How are you doing it?) They have then explained their findings to an adult. Some of the children have reached a stage where they are creating their own short apps now!



In year 3/4, the children have been using a programme called Roamerworld. They have learnt how to use a calculator to find out what angles 'Roamer' needs to make regular polygons. It was great fun and they enjoyed helping each other to create an assortment of different sized shapes. The challenge was to extend their knowledge by using a physical 'Roamer' to recreate their shapes on the floor.


This week starts a two week session on 'Scratch' for our Year 1/2 children. Scratch is a coding programme that allows children  to develop their coding skills. Following the theme, 'This is Me', the children started their project by creating  a sprite of themselves, once  happy with their design the children used the costume tool to duplicate and change parts of their sprite. Once the children have coded their sprites the different costumes will create a dancing version of themselves.





Our Year 3/4 children have used their skills to create fun Powerpoints on their topic 'Food Glorious Food'.



Year 5 Spreadsheets - The children in Year 5 have been learning how to use different formulas within Excel to do mathematical sums, whilst comparing real life situations with digital resources. They have explored how to format numbers into currency after inputing the data as decimals and use the tools within excel to add up lists of numbers after estimating what they have spent.


Year 6 Email - The children in Year 6 have been using an internal email system to prepare them for their transition to Secondary school. They have learnt about strong emails (some were too strong!) and why it is important to keep their passwords to themselves. We have discussed why it is important to keep themselves safe on the internet and the issues and consequences of being involved in cyber bullying.


The finished project! All the children  in Year 1/2 thoroughly enjoyed this activity and wanted to add text to their work, they ended up with an all talking and dancing cartoon of themselves! Please click on the green flag to see Lucia and Reece dance.

Spring Term 1


Welcome to Computing in Spring Term 1!





The Year 1/2 children started their new term with the first of two sessions on coding. Today the children were able to use Espresso with growing confidence and moving at their own pace, are discovering that you can make objects do all sorts of things through coding.  During paired talk, the children thought and discussed how many of the things around them were run by computer programming. Some ideas generated were satellites, rockets, traffic lights and the heating in our houses.



Today our Year 4 children started to look at ways that they could record information and present it digitally. They started off by talking about ways of recording data without the use of a computer, tally charts were a favourite.

The children then discussed how they could improve their paper tally chart using various software options. They discussed the merits of using word or publisher. For ease of use they decided to use publisher, the children used 'word art' to add a title and name, they then created a table and formatted it, using colour and weight of borders to improve the look of their tally charts. Instead of typing the names of the chocolate bars, they decided to research (high resolution) images. The images were then copied and pasted into their digital tally charts. They found that some images had white borders, so they used the crop tool.




Lastly they looked at how they could record the information in a different way, the children created bar charts using a spreadsheet package.


Year 5 started to design and create their own 'Maze Game' today. They talked about what a maze is and what elements would make their  game really good. Using a 'Myths and Legend' theme the children researched characters that they would like to use. They talked about what could be incorporated to add twists and turns to their game. Carefully designed sprites and mazes with port holes, fogs, bridges, ladders and traps are ready for when we start coding in our next lesson. I expect there will be lots of interesting and unexpected surprises for the player of the game.

Jake made a really good start today, all elements ready to be coded!


The Year 6 children's coding lesson this term is to create their own game independently. We started off by discussing what elements make a good game. Interesting graphics, frustrating elements, sound effects and cool characters were just some of the ideas the children came up with. They then planned out who their characters would be, what background would be needed and  how the sprites (assets) would move within their game. Everyone designed everything from scratch so that they built up an understanding of their characters and how each game would progress.



Can you play Nat's game?
Phoebe has left some glitches in her game. Can you see what they are and debug it for her?



The Year 1/2 children have been learning about before they were born.


We started the lesson today by using ‘google images’ to find out about old bears. We talked about what they were made of and how different they are from teddy bears today. Our very special visitor was a 60 year old, much loved bear brought in by Mrs Jennings.

Using their ICT skills, they painted their own ‘Old Bears’ using various tools within colour magic. They then used the text tool to carefully label parts of their bear.


I think they did brilliantly!


Do you think you could paint a bear as carefully as these children? 



The Year 3/4 children started their new coding session today. The mission was to make a Stone Age Game of Life. They started by discussing what a caveman would need to survive, - 'shelter, warmth and food'. Next we talked about what images could represent these variables, the children decided  a mammoth could represent food, fire for warmth, and a cave or teepee like structure for shelter. Using Scratch they designed their own sprites/assets including a caveman. They then set up the variables and coded the caveman so that he could move around the game using keys on the keyboard. The children then coded the mammoth, fire and shelter to hide and show. Finally they went back to the  caveman and coded him so that when he touched one of the variables it would increase the score. So making a 'Stone Age Game of Life'!

Can you play Rueben's game? You will need the space bar and the letter r.
To play Francesca's game you will need to use the space bar and the up arrow!
To play Archie's game you will need the space bar and the right arrow!



Year 5 started 'Stage 2' of creating a maze game today. They checked their designs and made sure that they had a maze, sprites/assets comprising of characters and traps for their game. The next challenge was to code their characters to navigate the maze. After that, moving traps became the order of the day and the children worked out how to make the traps move from one place to another at different speeds, so creating a more frustrating task for the players who will hopefully want to play their games. We then talked about how we could make the main character of the game do something when touching a sprite. We had sprites flying all over the place! And debugging became a main priority...hopefully stage 3 will see a completed, fun and unique game for all the children!



Carrying on with their topic of 'Before I Was Born', the Yr 1/2 children navigated a programme called 'Magic Grandad' to find out about 'Very Old Toys', Old Toys and New Toys, and how they differ from each other. They made notes on 'Teddy' white boards  to share with their classmates.



I hope you enjoy our regular updates!

Mrs Smithsmiley