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Current Projects in School

Action Research Projects at HCPS

  • Transition from nursery school to HCPS

  • Effectiveness of display on children’s learning outcomes

  • Support from school/home to improve reading for lowest attainers in year 1

  • Does improving fine motor skills on children in EYFS have an impact on their writing?

  • Does same day intervention have an impact on chidlren’s learning?

  • Teaching EAL children how to write

  • How to teach British Values in a meaningful way to our youngest children

  • How to improve speech and language skills in EYFS

  • Does raising self esteem of my lower attainers have an impact on their attainment?

  • How can the teaching and learning of spelling be improved at KS1?

  • How can we improve children’s reasoning skills (and the recording of them) in maths?

  • How can we improve communication between all staff in school?

  • Will incorporating a “Mastery Maths” approach in school have an impact on progress and achievement?