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Design and Technology at HCPS is led by Mrs I. Burton



Design technology is a subject that prepares children to deal with the future, rapidly changing world. It should inspire children to question the world around them through becoming creative and critical thinkers and develop both their independent and team working skills. It should teach them to identify needs and gaps in problems and design ideas to fill these. Design technology enables children to develop their understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues as well as allowing them to critically evaluate technology from the past and present


Extra Curricular clubs


Children have access to extra curricular clubs throughout the school year. In EYFS and Key Stage 1, children have been able to attend craft clubs run by Miss Russell. In Key Stage 2, children have been able to attend DT clubs where they've been able to design and make pop up cards, decorations for the school disco and chocolate Easter Eggs. Year 5 and 6 also have the opportunity to join a set making club where they help make the set and props for Mrs Swinden's performing arts club. 

The teaching of Design Technology is highly based on the skills that are centred on the production process. Children will be exposed to research opportunities at the beginning of each process and then encouraged to plan, design, make and evaluate their own products. This process is repeated throughout the school to encourage children to become reflective, not only on others’ products, but also on their own ideas.