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Curriculum Enrichment


At Hornsea Community Primary School we believe that all children are entitled to a rich and wide curriculum which will help them to develop and grow to become confident members of the school and the wider community. We encourage children to take an active role in their learning and to follow their interests both in and out of school. Each child can influence their own learning and personalise the curriculum in many areas. Each child is encouraged to be curious and to develop their own interests and hobbies.

Below are just a few of the many enrichment opportunities which are open to all children at Hornsea Community Primary School:

  • At least 1 (and often more) school trip per academic year for each year group, linked closely to topic areas

  • Additional trips which are on top of “normal” year group trips

  • Visiting theatre groups and music/dance displays and workshops

  • Outdoor learning including KS2 "Woodland World" sessions

  • Stimulating and thought-provoking assemblies

  • Creative arts week where children work in mixed-age groups

  • Community sports day where children work in mixed-age teams

  • Sports Days and many other sporting events and days through the year

  • Themed days e.g. Guardian Angel day, British Values day, celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, Modern Foreign Languages days, charity/fund-raising days e.g. Children in Need

  • The opportunity to be a representative on the School Council

  • Attendance and involvement in weekend and holiday events e.g. summer fair, family learning morning, holiday football courses

  • Reading buddy scheme

  • Peer mentoring (2 week block placement for year 6 children in summer term)

  • Looking after younger children in school in a variety of ways e.g. First Aid and Playground Rangers at lunchtimes

  • Music tuition e.g. peripatetic lessons in guitar, drumming

  • Musical clubs e.g. choir, orchestra – leading up to performances and competitions e.g. Hornsea Music Festival, Brid Big Sing

  • St John Ambulance First Aid Training (Year 5 and 6 only at the moment)

  • Other “community” based jobs around school e.g. helping with gardening, doing jobs for the office

  • Sports coaching and sports clubs – football, rugby, hockey, netball, Tai Chi, swimming galas, cross country and orienteering competitions

  • Sports leader training and opportunities to lead younger children in class and over lunchtimes and at sporting events

  • A multitude of sports clubs at lunchtimes and after school, some run by adults and some run by other children e.g. sports leaders

  • A wide variety of other clubs at lunchtimes and after school, often formed due to pupil requests e.g. baking club, ICT club,  newspaper club (“Chatterbox”),computer gaming club, science club

  • Archbishop of York's Young Leader Scheme for pupils in Year 3 (and a few from Year 4) to promote being a good citizen and being involved with the local, national and international community

  • Junior Award Scheme for Schools (J.A.S.S. Award) for pupils in Year 5 and 6 for children (promotion of “rounded and grounded” children)

  • Transition events for children joining EYFS and for children leaving Year 6

  • Opportunities to be involved in local campaigns and be involved in debates e.g. Save Hornsea Floral Hall, save Hornsea Cottage Hospital, involvement in Parliament Week (Nov 2017), working with Hornsea Town Council to improve facilities in the town (sensory garden)

  • Other links to the local community e.g. Tesco "Farm to Fork" visits for several year groups, Canine Partners visit to Year 1/2

Please look at our blog to see the things our children have been involved in recently – it’s amazing!