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  Welcome new EYFS children!  2017/18!


What an amazing few weeks settling in and getting to know our new 'BIG school'! 


The children have done amazingly well and staff are enjoying getting to know each and every child.  Have a look through our photos to see just a snippet of what we have been up to!


See also below-photographs from our Learning morning, which we shared with our parents and carers.

Below are a few photographs of us working with our parents and carers.  We are showing them our school, how we play and how we learn!

Sharing learning journeys and working with our family

'Keeping cool in RSB'

The children in RSB enjoyed making their own lemonade recently by squeezing 5 or 6 lemons and by mixing the juice with a small amount of sugar and water. We all enjoyed tasting our homemade lemonade, and it was lovely to keep cool during the hot weather we have had.

Homemade Lemonade


Summer 2


In this final half term, the children in EYFS will  study the topic 'Look at me now!'

This will include reflecting on their school year, making comparisons between their work and skills in September compared to now and investigating their current interests, skills, favourites and hobbies now they are 'bigger'.  We think they have made fantastic progress over the year and it was lovely to hear some nice feedback about their Learning Journeys from parents who looked at them shortly before the half term break.  We are certainly proud of them all!


Creative Arts Week


During the first week back, all EYFS children took part in 'Creative Arts Week' based on Hull- A City of Culture.  The children had the chance to work with different teachers, created Art with children of various ages and had the opportunity to work in different classrooms and spaces.  They all really enjoyed this and we are proud of how grown up they have been.






Week 4


EYFS have had a really fantastic week!  All classes have visited the local park.  We enjoyed making comparisons to our outdoor work last week (with Mr Rotherham) and being really grown up outdoor explorers! 



My Great Outdoors.....


What have we been doing over the last couple of weeks in EYFS?


We have shared what we know about Hornsea and have learnt more about our local area.  We have received lots of wonderful 'homelink' work the children have completed about Hornsea, including collages, photographs and sharing lots of leaflets they have collected about attractions in Hornsea.  As this half term's focus is creativity/Art, we have also designed posters and postcards.  We have studied the text 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and changed it into a Hornsea Bear Hunt in our Literacy sessions!


In week 3, we had a visit from Mr Rotherham (a Science expert!) We did lots of great activities on our school grounds, finding out about our local environment, wildlife and plant life. The sun stayed out for us and it was a wonderful, informative day. We took lots of photographs, so please see our photo stream! 



We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break.  We certainly enjoyed our last week of term (which included creating our own amazing boiled egg designs!)


Our new topic for the Summer 1 half term is "My Great Outdoors".  We will predominantly focus on our own local "Great Outdoors" starting off with a study of Hornsea and our nearby environment.



Mr Plater visited EYFS to share his amazing knowledge and to show us some fantastic resources.  We all really enjoyed our day and learnt many things about Prehistoric life.  To continue learning, why not visit the Dinostar museum in Hull?  Ask in EYFS for a leaflet or details!



We are continuing our topic of 'Giants' by looking at giant beasts- Dinosaurs!

Have a look through our photo stream to see some of our work linking to giants, dinosaurs and World Book Day...just a few of the things we have managed to fit in over recent weeks!


Science Investigation Day

Monday 13th March.

    On Science Investigation Day we all enjoyed finding out about; magnetic objects and non-magnetic things, does sugar or salt melt ice, what happens when oil and water are mixed, and which surface and angle of a ramp would make a toy car go faster?...and finally we all planted beans to find out how they grow. A very busy and amazing day smiley

Finding out about Science...

EYFS "Inventions"  and 

Curriculum Open night 16.2.17 

     Look at our amazing inventions homework. The children in EYFS had lots of fantastic ideas  and made some incredible models for their homework this term; which they were able to display to parents and the whole school during Curriculum Open night. 

 We loved the flying chair, a special revolving sharing table, a moving robot and even a "butter" glue stick! ...Inventors of the future  ( You saw it here first!..)

During week 4 and 5 we have studied 'The Jungle Book' and 'The Little Mermaid'.  We have completed lots of activities including writing jungle animal fact files, using animal patterns and shapes in Maths and a wide variety of 'under the sea' activities or lessons linking to water.  Have a look at our photo stream to see what we have been doing! 

Date for the diary

Please note that World Book Day will be on Thursday 2nd March 2017. Part of the celebrations this year will involve the children dressing as their favourite book character. We're looking forward to an exciting day! Thank you for your continued support.

Alice in Wonderland!- Week 3


This week our focus has been on Alice in Wonderland.  Our week has included, amongst many things, our own Mad Hatter's tea party!  Have a look through our photo stream to see some of the activities we have enjoyed.

     We celebrated the Chinese New Year of the Rooster by looking at Chinese customs. We tried Chinese food such as noodles and prawn crackers and  we made lanterns, paper dragons and we wrote our names using Chinese letters.

The Chinese New Year of the Rooster

All of the children in class in EYFS talked about some of the things they would like to do better during the new year. Here are some of the things we'd like to do...

We all made New Year Resolutions!

New Year Resolutions!

January brings the snow !

It was very exiting to go out and play in the snow this week ...We made a snowball to take inside to see how long it would take to melt (Without hot little fingers touching it!) It lasted all afternoon and we were amazed at how much water we had left in the bowl.

Snowball experiment.

"Happy New Year from EYFS"

Everyone in EYFS is already having a very happy "Disney" New Year; finding out about "Disney animation"...dressing up as different characters, looking at books and DVD's and creating inventions of our own!

RSB have created their own "Snow White"

Our Inventions

What a busy week!


It's only Tuesday and we are in full swing of Christmas this week.  Have a look at some of the things we've been up to so far!





What amazing Christmas performances from all the children in EYFS! We are very proud of them.  Thank you for some of our amazing feedback, it is much appreciated.  It was lovely to have parents and other family members back to visit our classrooms, too.  The children enjoyed sharing their work and are proud of their achievements.  Please see our photos. We are still adding more to this album, so keep your eyes peeled!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We are all very busy in EYFS preparing for our Christmas play.  Our classrooms are also very busy with 'workshop' style activity!


 ​Children in need day in EYFS

​We had fun dressing up, decorating buns, painting, cutting out Pudsey masks and raising lots of money for "Children in need"...


As part of our topic 'An amazing journey' we have learnt more about our own growth and development over time.  We met baby Poppy (who is Mrs Billam's granddaughter!) and baby Rosemary. Both girls are only 4 and 6 weeks old! We asked questions and learnt more about the life and care of a baby. 



See too our photographs from our work on remembrance/Poppy Day. The children have worked sensibly and respectfully with this. Thank you to all children who made contributions for poppies, wristbands, stickers etc. 


This week marks 'anti-bullying week'. Our photos include a sample of our 'anti-bullying monsters' made by the children! 

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful half term.  This week we have learnt about Divali and bonfire night. Here are a selection of photographs from the week! 



Look at some of the things we have been up to in this final week before half term! Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!





Week 4, 5


EYFS- We have continued to settle in to our school routines and we are achieving such a lot in such a short space of time.  Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Haigh recently visited us in EYFS to see how we are all getting along.  They were very pleased with us all and we are trying really hard with everything! We have enjoyed various work based on the story The Jolly Postman and more recently, enjoyed a teddy bears picnic lunch (and follow up activities) too.  



A plea! Please make sure items of clothing such as jumpers, are clearly labelled with a name (these can wash off over time) and that children are encouraged to look after their own possessions, too. We have 91 children in the unit at the moment and despite our best efforts, we cannot keep track of all items if they are not named or taken good care of. Many thanks for understanding! 




Week 3 EYFS

Look at some of our work!

A warm welcome to the new school year!




What a busy first week we have had in EYFS with all  of our new pupils! The children have met new friends and adults, have explored  their new environment and have taken part in lots of different experiences. They have done extremely well. Well done to all!


We will soon be using this page as a place to share our experiences and photographs with you.  We are currently awaiting all parental permission before doing so.  Please watch this space!  You are welcome to browse further down this page to see last year's photographs and experiences, too.  Thank you!


Summer 2 Week 7- THE FINAL WEEK!






Summer 2 week 6


WOW! What fantastic end of year assemblies performed by all classes in  EYFS.  We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. A big thank you to all who attended and took the time to look over books and learning journeys, too.  The children were really proud to show off their hard work.


The academic year is drawing to an end and we are incredibly proud of each and every child.  The children will be experiencing their 'Always Always' day next Thursday (21st July).  Those who have been 'Always Always' throughout the year in each EYFS class have discussed some fun treats they would like on the day....and we will do out best to accommodate this! All children will be taking part in this event.  It is well deserved!  Look out for a letter in bookbags that explains this event further.   Well done everybody!  LB


  Thank you!

Summer 2 Week 5


This week EYFS had a special treat.  M and M Theatre Company came to our school and performed "A twist in time".  This is a story based on "Tom's Midnight Garden".  We enjoyed going back in time with Tom through his magic clock and seeing his beautiful midnight garden.LB


Summer 2 week 4


This week has been very busy! EYFS children have spent lots of time with their new teachers and in their new classrooms.  The new Year 1 teachers are-


Mrs Jennings/Mrs Rotherham

Mrs Wortley

Mrs Ripley


We have received wonderful feedback from the EYFS children.  They have all been really keen and enthusiastic about their new teachers and moving forward in their learning.  We feel they are all 'ready' for Year 1 now.  We are sure they will embrace their next steps.  Well done!  LB


We had an amazing day at Honeysuckle Farm.  The weather was fantastic and we took part in lots of fun activities.  For some children, this was their first visit to Honeysuckle Farm. We explored all areas of the farm, met all the animals and enjoyed a cart ride with the horse 'Tinkerbell'.  We also enjoyed an ice-cream each.  Towards the end of the day, lots of us saw two Jersey cows being milked and we learnt lots of new information about this from Mr Gardham.  Have a look through our pictures to see what we got up to. LB

Summer 2 Week 2


It's not only us who are growing!  Look at how the tadpoles have grown in class RKR!  They will be heading back into the wild this weekend. We have really enjoyed watching their progress from frogspawn to frog.


This week you will receive a questionnaire in your child's book bag about ICT use at home.  We would really appreciate any contributions you may have.  This will help us further support your child's learning and understanding.


Also, please remember the Honey Suckle Farm trip on Wednesday 22nd June.  We are sure it will be a brilliant day.  Thank you to anyone who offered to help with the trip.  We are now 'full' but very much appreciate your willing support.




Summer 2


This final half term EYFS are studying the topic 'Look at me now!'


We will be thinking about our current skills, interests and hobbies and how these may differ to when we started school back in September.    Here are a few pictures from our 'Hook Day'.  The children were invited to dress up or bring something relating to their current favourite hobby or interest.


We also enjoyed an amazing Sports Day on Thursday.  The weather was fantastic and many parents came along and got involved.  Thank you!



Summer 1- Last week of the half term




EYFS and all other year groups have this week taken part in 'Creative Arts Week'.  All children have worked with other pupils and teachers they may not have previously known, made new friends and enjoyed new experiences.  Throughout the school, there has been a huge range of Art, craft, dance, music and more.  Our week began with our 'Multicultural Day' then on Tuesday, we welcomed The Mighty Zulu Nation (  These men are from South Africa and have amazing skills in singing, dancing and performing.  (Please check out Mrs Smith's blog for more information and photographs!) LB






Continued- more from Summer 1!


We had a wonderful time celebrating the 90th birthday of the Queen.  We had a great picnic and took part in lots of activities including an outdoor disco, games such as hook-a-duck and turning ourselves into the Queen, Prince Philip or a corgi! You can see a few of our photos here! LB

More from Summer 1

This week we have learnt more about Hornsea beach as part of our local environment related topic, "My Great Outdoors".  We designed our own beach postcards (generally using water colour paints or pencil crayons).  We then did our own writing for the postcard.  During our ICT lesson on Friday, some of us created postcards using "Colour magic" software, too.  LB





Welcome to the EYFS page!



Summer 1

What a great first few weeks we have had following our topic "My Great Outdoors"!


We have thought a lot about our local environment and special places in Hornsea in particular.


We recently visited Hornsea Mere on our first proper EYFS educational visit.  We had a fantastic morning and the sun was glorious.  We learnt lots about the local wildlife and with help from Mrs Boyd, completed a 'pond dip'.  We were really shocked at how many creatures could be found in such a small amount of water!  We did not have time to visit the Mere café. However! Our teachers let us design and make ice creams back in school this week.  Yum! LB


Spring term


Bonjour EYFS !

We all enjoyed our whole school French day by sampling French food, saying and writing French words, and singing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" French (Which isn't easy !!) 




What a fantastic day! The children have thoroughly enjoyed the visit from Mr Plater, our dinosaur expert. The children are now bursting with dinosaur facts! 









This week the children can look forward to a visit from Mr Plater, our dinosaur expert from Dinostar in Hull. 


We have a double treat this week as on Friday the EYFS children will also be taking part in a series of theatre workshops based around the story of the Gruffalo. 



The Smartest Giant in Town 




Spring 2 is all about Giants. 


Thank you to all the parents who completed the Parent feedback sheet about your child's salad invention. It was lovely to read all of the positive comments. The children had a wonderful time making their salads. 

Making our Salad Inventions 

Happy New Year! 

Just a few reminders for you about the Spring term -

  • On Tuesday 5th January, the EYFS children can come to school dressed as an inventor. This is optional, so please don't worry. See letter for more details about our hook day. 
  • The children need their full indoor PE kit in school by the Friday of each week.
  • If possible, we would like the children to still keep a pair of wellingtons in school for this next term. Thank you to the parents who sent wellingtons last term - It was a big help! 


We are looking forward to welcoming you all back on Tuesday morning. We can't wait to hear your Christmas news.  


Autumn term
Christmas in EYFS...

November 2015


EYFS thoroughly enjoyed the Children In Need day on Friday...


We have been working hard with our maths in EYFS this week. 



Thank you to the parents who attended our phonics talk on Tuesday evening and a special thank you for the positive feedback comments which we received. In your child's home link book you will see that we have included some useful ideas for how you can support your child with their phonics at home. 


The children have been working hard this week in EYFS and we are all extremely excited about our Halloween themed week next week







The children have been busy collecting Autumn things this week as part of their home link activity. We continued the theme of Autumn during our physical Friday activities today.


The children in EYFS have had a wonderful week.

Roald Dahl Day

The children looked fantastic! A special thank you to all the parents for making such a big effort with the costumes.

Another busy week in EYFS...

Well done to the new EYFS children. You have all had a fantastic first week. smiley

Summer Term so far in EYFS


What an exciting term we have had so far! Much of our learning has taken place outside to take advantage of the lovely weather. We have had a very successful tri-school outdoor learning morning where children from HCPS worked on teams with children from Hornsea Nursery School and Hornsea Burton Primary School. In addition the Hull Tigers are delivering football coaching to our children over a period of 6 weeks; the children absolutely love these sessions. Miss Prescott takes children outdoors to participate in Maths and English activities each morning to reinforce the learning which is going on in the classrooms. Many other lessons are delivered outdoors eg phonics sessions, Maths and English lessons. Let’s hope this fine weather continues!

Inspired by 'The Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Group' the EYFS children produced some great work!

Welcome to EYFS - Spring Term 2015