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Geography is led by Mr White and Mr Hutson



Vision Statement


Geography is the study of our world, the interesting and amazing planet we inhabit!  This subject includes exploring features of natural environments, man-made environments, the influence of physical processes and of human interactions, and to begin to understand the connections.


We will:


  • Encourage children’s interest in features of their immediate surroundings and other areas of the UK.
  • Explore different areas of the world, fostering curiosity about unfamiliar places and begin to understand how different places are connected.
  • Stimulate an interest in human and physical systems, for example transport, extraction of resources,  climate zones and the water cycle.
  • Practise and improve skills such as map making, surveying, comparing,  questioning, making connections and expressing thoughtful opinions.
  • Reflect on why and how we can care for our planet.


In Geography we aim to enable children to begin to understand what our fascinating world is like and how it works. 



At our school we aim to provide a geography curriculum that is interesting, exciting and inspiring and which also meets the needs and abilities of all children. Geography helps us understand our world! It explores the interaction of the physical world and human and biological systems, and considers how the world has changed over time. It helps us to understand how different parts of the world work and how they are all interconnected. Our curriculum aims to capture children’s imagination and inspire curiosity in all aspects of geography, and to develop children’s confidence, thoughtfulness, questioning and research skills. Children will improve their awareness of local areas and the wider world, will begin to see connections, for example between neighbouring countries and between climate and land use, and will be introduced to current world issues such as climate change.



Teachers will use our curriculum to develop interesting, challenging and inspiring lessons that ensure children can learn, grow in understanding and progress in geography. High quality lessons will include discussion, research, questioning, skill development and map work. We will use many different geographical resources, including a wide variety of visual images and various maps. We will plan for progression in skill development and vocabulary. Children will be supported and challenged to develop a deeper understanding and will be encouraged to become independent, enthusiastic and imaginative learners.



Children will develop a deeper understanding of many geographical features of our world. They will become confident to construct questions, use geographical skills to investigate, draw conclusions and express their opinions. They will be able to read and prepare maps, developing increasing levels of cartography skills. Children will also increasingly become aware of changes and connections in all areas of geographical study. They will become more aware of current issues in geography and understand the need to respect and care for the Earth. Children will be inspired to have a positive view of the world and will be interested and involved in the Earth’s future.