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Geography is led my Mrs Ludlam

Vision Statement


Geography is the study of our world, the interesting and amazing planet we inhabit!  This subject includes exploring features of natural environments, man-made environments, the influence of physical processes and of human interactions, and to begin to understand the connections.


We will:


  • Encourage children’s interest in features of their immediate surroundings and other areas of the UK.
  • Explore different areas of the world, fostering curiosity about unfamiliar places and begin to understand how different places are connected.
  • Stimulate an interest in human and physical systems, for example transport, extraction of resources,  climate zones and the water cycle.
  • Practise and improve skills such as map making, surveying, comparing,  questioning, making connections and expressing thoughtful opinions.
  • Reflect on why and how we can care for our planet.


In Geography we aim to enable children to begin to understand what our fascinating world is like and how it works.