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Welcome to the Governing Board of Hornsea Community Primary School.


The Governing Board have responsibility for raising standards of achievement in the school.
They hold senior leaders to account, seek external views of the school and use a range of information to set the strategic direction.

The Governing Board is made up of co-opted, local authority, parent and staff governors and are appointed by the members of the school based on a skills audit which ensures a range of expertise and experiences across the governing board.


Our Co Chair of Governors are Mrs C. George & Mrs L. Jordan



Name                                                   Cheryl George

Position of Responsibility                     Co-Chair

Governor Category                              Co-opted

Appointed                                            18.11.15

Terms of Office Ends                           17.11.23

Special Responsibilities                       SEND, Sports Premium, Catch up Funding, PE / Sport


My name is Cheryl George, I have been a governor at HCPS since 2015 and am currently in the role of Co-Chair. I feel really privileged to be a part of the team at HCPS contributing to the school, my favourite part of the role is going into school and seeing the children, it is a pleasure to see them play, learn and grow. I have 3 children currently in school, 1 in year 6 and 2 in year 4.  I work part-time as a gymnastics coach in Beverley which has been a passion of mine since I was in primary school.  Prior to this I was a Social Worker based on the Cancer wards at Castle Hill Hospital.



Name                                                    Lucy Jordan

Position of Responsibility                     Co-Chair

Governor Category                               Authority

Appointed                                             21.03.18

Terms of Office Ends                            02.05.25

Special Responsibilities                       Safeguarding / child Protection, Children Looked After


I thoroughly enjoy being co-Chair of Governors at HCPS. I have lived in Hornsea for many years raising my family in the town. I have worked in education for 31 years, teaching in various primary schools in East Yorkshire before spending 11 years as Headteacher of a large primary school in Beverley. Currently, I work full-time as a School Improvement Adviser, providing support for schools across the East Riding. I am passionate about education and ‘Happy Children Progress and Succeed’ sums up perfectly my own philosophy of education. In my spare time, as well as being a school governor I enjoy reading, walking, gardening and love growing fruit and veg on my allotment.



Name                                                    Nicola Dixon

Position of Responsibility                      Vice Chair

Governor Category                               Co-opted

Appointed                                             18.11.15

Terms of Office Ends                            17.11.23

Special Responsibilities                        Website, Behaviour


Hello, my name is Nicky Dixon and I have lived in Hornsea for over 30 years; 16 of which I spent teaching modern languages at HSLC. I am vice chair of governors and my chief responsibility at present is to monitor the school website. As a blind parent, I feel the staff have been very supportive of my needs. My son is now in year 6 and I have visited the school on numerous occasions: from listening to visiting authors to leading a maths line of enquiry. As a volunteer reader, it has been a privilege to watch the children grow, both in terms of their self-confidence and their reading ability. I am a keen musician and church choir member. I also enjoy going to the gym and listening to audio books.



Name                                                  Samuel Eldred

Position of Responsibility               

Governor Category                            Associate

Appointed                                          16.12.20

Terms of Office Ends                         15.12.24

Special Responsibilities                     Finance, Pupil Premium


Hello, my name is Sam Eldred. I grew up in Hornsea and moved back here in 2014, not long after starting a family. By day I work as a senior software engineer for a financial planning and Analytics Company based in York. I have 3 children in Hornsea School and greatly appreciate everything the school does for them. On the governing board I have a particular interest in school finance and pupil premium funding. As a governor I hope to become more involved in my children's education overall and support the school however I can. I’m a keen reader, a music lover, like to keep fit and can often be seen pounding the Hornsea streets in my running gear!



Name                                                  Laura Field

Position of Responsibility               

Governor Category                             Parent

Appointed                                           06.07.17

Terms of Office Ends                          05.07.25

Special Responsibilities                     Relationships, Sex & Health Education


Hello! My name is Laura Field and I have lived in Hornsea all my life. I attended Hornsea Nursery, HCPS and HSLC before completing a BA honours in Textiles Design degree at Leeds University. After graduating, I completed a PGCE in Secondary Education. In 2005 I joined Malet Lambert School as a teacher and rose through the ranks to become Head of Faculty. In 2017 I joined HSLC as the Head of DT and Health and Social Care, my aim always having been to return to my place of education.


When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my husband who also works at HSLC and our two children. Freddie currently attends HCPS and Bertie will join in September. We enjoy fossil hunting and home baking. In my spare time I also enjoy craft projects, rambling and gardening.


In 2016 I became chair of HCPS PTFA and during my time have organised 3 Summer Fairs, carnival floats and numerous discos. Since 2016, we have raised over £15000 for the school and hope to be able to do more soon.


I love to be involved in Community Projects and encouraging HCPS to be part of them. We have worked on many collaborative programmes with HSLC over the years; including the Tour de Yorkshire, Festival of Christmas Trees, National Hoarding Competition and “Hornsea Remembers”.


I feel very privileged to be a governor at HCPS and I am always amazed by the outcomes of our students. I have been able to invite students to complete DT projects at HSLC as well as advising DT links on the curriculum.



Name                                                  Emma Bowman

Position of Responsibility               

Governor Category                             Co-Opted

Appointed                                           18.11.15

Terms of Office Ends                          17.11.23

Special Responsibilities                      Community Link, Curriculum & Literacy


Hello! My name is Emma Bowman and I work as the Exams and Data Officer at Hornsea School and Language College. I also cover lessons when needed, and I have taught KS3 English and French. I have two children who attend HCPS and I have been a governor here since 2015. I am also the Vice-Chair of governors at Hornsea Nursery School. I am extremely passionate about children receiving the best education possible. My background is in English and literature studies, which has contributed to my interest in encouraging and promoting reading and literacy in children. One of my favourite quotes is by Roald Dahl: ‘’Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage’’.



Name                                                  Sheila Close

Position of Responsibility               

Governor Category                            Co-Opted

Appointed                                          15.02.12

Terms of Office Ends                         17.11.23

Special Responsibilities                    Safeguarding & Child Protection, Health & Safety


Hello, I moved to Hornsea from Manchester, 24 years ago with three young children. My husband, who attended our school as a child, kept saying that Hornsea was a great place to bring up children until in the end I agreed to move here.


I can honestly say it was the best thing, as a family, we ever did. The children were able to attend a school where they were happy, nurtured and supported in their learning.


The school community feel extended to parents too and I soon found myself on the PTFA, supply teaching and joining the Governing Board which I have now been a part of for many years.


Being part of the school family has enabled me to see many of our school children in at the Early Years stage and through my teaching, the same children leave school in Year 11 at Hornsea School and Language College.


Being invited to the Year 11 Prom by my former students was a memory I shall treasure. This is one of the many aspects of my job that makes me feel proud to be a teacher.


I worked for nearly 10 years, part time, at HSLC and also became involved in the PTFA of which I am the current Chairperson helping to raise funds for school to uplift the resources for the benefit of all.


I feel proud to be part of the Hornsea Community Primary School Governing Board. This is part of my ‘giving something back to the community ‘ethos which I hold dear.


Name                                                  Emma Pratt

Position of Responsibility               

Governor Category                             Co-Opted

Appointed                                           18.11.15

Terms of Office Ends                          17.11.23

Special Responsibilities                     The Orchard


I have enjoyed been part of the Governing body at Hornsea for 5 years. I have a son at the school who is currently in KS2. I am a secondary science and specialist SEND teacher with extensive experience of supporting pupils with special educational needs. I have also completed post graduate courses in inclusive practice and senior leadership. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors and walking



Name                                                Elizabeth Wilkinson

Position of Responsibility               

Governor Category                           Co-Opted

Appointed                                         18.11.15

Terms of Office Ends                        17.11.23

Special Responsibilities                    SMSC


 I have worked as a Teaching Assistant at HCPS for nearly 20 years and during this time have worked in all 3 Key stages. Over the years the job of general TA has changed significantly from being predominantly a nurturing role to now being much more involved in teaching. As a governor, my main responsibility is to monitor spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC).

Outside of school, I enjoy walking and reading and have been a member of a reading group with a number of friends for many years. I have also always loved travelling to new places and learning about different cultures as well as trying out local specialties, whether it be food or drink!



Name                                               Paul Hansell

Position of Responsibility               

Governor Category                          Parent

Appointed                                        25.03.20

Terms of Office Ends                       24.03.24

Special Responsibilities                  Emotional Health & Wellbeing, Health & Safety


My name is Paul Hansell.


I am one of the parent governors at HCPS. I am not originally from Hornsea however I have had strong links to the town for the last 20 years, and I am thoroughly impressed by the learning provision provided by HCPS and while I never got to experience this for myself, my children are benefiting from this outstanding provision.


I bring to the governing body an established background in business which allows me to provide a unique perspective on some of the challenges faced by the school while helping the school provide an excellent education for the children.


Outside of my role as a governor I enjoy spending time with my family and reading.



Name                                                  Claire Foster

Position of Responsibility               

Governor Category                             Staff

Appointed                                           27.03.19

Terms of Office Ends                          26.03.23

Special Responsibilities                     Training Link


I have worked at Hornsea Community Primary School since 2007. During my time at HCPS I have taught across all 3 Key Stages. I am currently the Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning and the EYFS year leader. 

I live in Beverley with my husband and two children. My eldest child is currently in Key Stage 2 here at HCPS. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, shopping and watching television dramas.