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Welcome to the Lighthouse Room.


Autumn Term 2017


The Lighthouse Room has moved!  We are now split into lots of different rooms depending on which year group you are in:  Years 1 and 2 are in the original Lighthouse Den;  Year 3 is in the new Lighthouse Den (outside the Year 3 classrooms);  Years 4 and 5 are in a new Intervention Room on the Year 5 corridor and Year 6 is in the new Lighthouse Room (upstairs next to the Music Room).  We have all settled into our areas and are working hard. 


This year we are concentrating on Same Day Intervention in Maths.  This means that any child who didn't quite understand the morning's Maths Lesson can be taken out in a small group (up to 6 children) to reinforce the work covered.


Each year group has a Same Day Intervention Teaching Assistant:

Mrs Eastwood in Year 1

Mrs Walton-Mcleod in Year 2

Mrs Dickson in Year 3

Miss Elvidge in Years 4 and 5

Mrs Wilkinson in Year 6


In addition, Mrs Peacock takes higher ability groups from Years 5 and 6.


Mrs Turner is in charge of Lexia groups in the Lighthouse Room.  These  children work individually, at their own pace, on computers for about 20 minutes daily.  Lexia is an online programme which helps children with reading and spelling.

Summer Term 2017


We are starting this term by focussing on Years 2 and 6 in preparation for SATs.  Mrs Dickson and Mrs Harvatt are working with Year 2 and Mrs Peacock, Mrs Turner and Mrs Wilkinson with Year 6.  We are working on all aspects of the Maths and English curriculum.


Mrs Eastwood continues with Speech and Language throughout the school.

Autumn Term in the Lighthouse Room

This year in the Lighthouse Room, Mrs Eastwood continues to help a number of children improve their Speech and Language.  Mrs Turner is working with Year 6 children in the afternoons helping with reading and maths and  Mrs Wilkinson is doing Same Day Intervention Maths with Year 4 children (this means working on anything the children have not fully understood during  lessons in the morning). 


Year 6 children working with Mrs Turner on fractions.
Same Day Intervention groups from Year 4 working on Maths.
In the Lighthouse Den, Mrs Dickson and Mrs Harvatt are working  with Years 1, 2 and 3.  Here are some pictures showing off their phonics.
Summer 2016

This is always a very busy half term in school however we have managed to continue with our groups as much as possible.  Mrs. Wilkinson works with Year 5 in the mornings and Year 4 in the afternoons and Mrs. Turner has Year 3 in the afternoons. Mrs Eastwood is continuing with Speech and Language in the mornings and has EYFS groups in the afternoons and Mrs Peacock works on challenging maths with different year groups from KS2 each afternoon.  Year 2 children have continued working in the Lighthouse Den in the afternoons with Mrs Dickson and Miss Woolley. 

Below are some pictures of Mrs Eastwood's groups working inside and outside...
Here is one of Mrs Wilkinson's Year 5 writing groups.  We have been looking at a picture and writing a description using super sentence starters and lots of amazing vocabulary...

Spring 2016

Year 2

This term our groups have been hard at work in the Lighthouse Den covering a variety of subjects such as: Phonics, Maths, Reciprocal reading, Spelling and Handwriting.

Key Stage 2 - Spring 2016


This Spring Term KS2 groups have been working on Maths for the first 3 weeks and now, until half term, English.   We are learning to improve the sentences we write in lots of different ways.

Mrs Peacock is working with groups across Key Stage 2 studying Maths at  Deep level (Mastery) which includes lots of challenging problems.

Using Base Ten apparatus to help with our adding and subtracting.


Christmas 2015



All the Lighthouse Room staff wish everyone a very happy Christmas and look forward to lots of hard work in the New Year!

KS1 - Autumn 2


We've had a busy half term in Year 2, with Maths and Phonics sessions taking place in the Lighthouse Den.

In Maths, the children have been using objects and pictures to help them add and subtract numbers, whilst in Phonics we have been working hard to recognise Phase 5 phonemes.


Here are some pictures of groups hard at work...

KS2  Autumn Term 2 - November


This half term Key stage 2 children have been doing Maths with Mrs Turner and Reading with Mrs Wilkinson.  We have 2 weeks left in which we hope to achieve the targets set by the class teachers. 

Autumn Term Week 5 - KS2

All the children are working very hard this half term on their writing and are enjoying coming to the Lighthouse Room.  We have been concentrating on ways to improve our writing:  by making sure we have capital letters and full stops; by making sure our writing makes sense and by using more interesting sentence starters.  Below are a few pictures of groups working.



Key Stage 2

We have made an excellent start in the Lighthouse Room this week.  Mrs Turner and Mrs Wilkinson are working with Years 3 and 4 in the mornings and Years 5 and 6 in the afternoons.  The children have settled into the routine of coming to us and have already produced some great work.  Our focus this half term is writing and we will be posting more details of what we are doing in future weeks. 

Below are some pictures of Mrs Turner's groups.

Key Stage 1

The Lighthouse Room now has a new area called 'The Lighthouse Den', which is just for children in Year 2. Groups began again this week - see our pictures below!

World Book Day 2015 in The Lighthouse Room

Quotes from Year 6:


Stanley: "I like coming to 'The Lighthouse Room' because you get to learn new things to make you better at lessons and you get to work with different people."


Beth: "It's great coming to 'The Lighthouse Room' because I'm a Level 4a in Maths and this will help me get a Level 5 in my SATs!"


Sophie: "I enjoy intervention work because I get to learn about the things I struggle with so I get better at them - and it's fun!"

Look at our fabulous room!