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Outcomes of Action Research Projects

Autumn Term 2017

Our new cycle of Action Research will begin in November 2017 ... watch this space for further information...

Summer term 2017

As we enter the Summer Term several members of staff are nearing completion of their Action Research projects. We look forward to listening to each adult's presentation of their research findings and hope that some of the work will lead to changes in the way we do things at Hornsea Community Primary School.

One project which has looked at improving transition between Nursery School and Primary School has already had an impact as the researcher's findings have already been implemented for the September 2017 intake.

A project on improving communication in school for all staff has had a huge impact already as trials of a new whole-school email communication system worked better than we could ever have imagined! This system means that a greater number of messages between staff are relayed electronically, reducing the times that staff need to meet which means they have more time to spend on teaching and learning.

A project on supporting early reading has meant that teachers have engaged more with target parents which has had a positive impact on their children's reading skills.

Research and implementation of techniques to encourage EFL children to write have had a positive impact on writing progress and attainment - and of course on the children's confidence and self esteem.

There are many more projects in the pipeline .... watch this space for further information.