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Parent voice

The difference in our son now compared to a year ago is absolutely incredible,its apparent the staff work tirelessly to implement structure and a loving environment for not only our son but for all of the children who have additional needs and require that extra help.


To us The Orchard is a breath of fresh air, the best way to describe it is like one big family! The list is endless with how much of  a positive impact The Orchard has had not just on our son but on our family as a whole. To know that your child is in a safe haven, with staff that understand his every need, that they can support his emotional well being and also understand how difficult it is from day to day at times for us as parents is refreshing. Our son now enjoys going to school every day when before it was extremely traumatic for him


My sons writing has improved and his confidence has really grown both in school and at home.


Transition between school and The orchard is really positive. He has been taught ways to recognise his emotions and also strategies to regulate his emotions. I don’t know where we would be today without the support from the staff. I feel as a parent that I have gained skills to support me at home. Nothing is ever too much trouble.


When my son started at school he was only able to access school for 2 hours a day. After the hard work from staff he know accesses The Orchard and school full time and to be honest I never thought that I would see this day. He now is able to access a full curriculum and has made friends. This has allowed me to start to look for work so the impact at school and home has been incredible. I can never thank staff enough for changing our lives.



I used to drop my son off at school and then go home worrying about what the day would bring with his behaviour. His self-esteem now is so high and has started to be able to express about how he is feeling that he is now being able to have a go at any activity even if he finds it tricky.

The impact of him being at The Orchard has been fantastic not just at school but also at home. He is able to use the techniques that he has learnt to get on with his brothers and sisters by being able to talk about his feelings. What a great provision and staff who always go that extra step not only for our son but the whole family.