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Rainbow Room

When we had finished drawing our pictures we then used clay to copy the shape of the leaves we had drawn. We used modelling tools to outline the shape. We added the veins to the leaves using a modelling tool. Then we had to leave the clay to dry.
We have all chosen a leaf to focus on. We have drawn the leaf paying attention to the detail and colour of the leaf. We have researched the leaves we found and the majority have come from a tree called 'The Maple Tree'.  We have learnt why leaves fall from the trees in Autumn and change colour. It is because the tree controls and cuts off the water supply to the leaves during  the Autumn months.  The leaves then start to die. They change colour and drop from the trees.
As part of our English topic work we are focussing on Autumn. We have had a walk around the school grounds and looked at different leaves. We collected some and then used the internet to identify which trees they have fallen from.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
We have also been looking at the British Sign Language. We have learnt how to sign our name. We have also learnt how to sign 'Welcome to our school'.

Other ways of communicating without speaking.

September 2017.

During our  'Feelings and Friendships'  lesson we have discussed different ways of communicating with others.

The Hornsea Town Scarecrow Trail 2017.


We have been learning about mini-beasts as part of our topic work in Y5. So as part of our Summer topic work we have made a scarecrow trail scene focussing on mini-beasts. We have named it 'Mini-beast Garden Party'.

Summer Term 2017


Safety in the sun.

We have been learning about how to keep safe in the sun. We discussed some safety points and watched and listened carefully to a PowerPoint presentation. Then  we designed our own safety posters to display around the school.

Spring Topic Work - 2017

Spring topic work 2017 - Garden birds - Life cycles.

We have made some food for the garden birds to put out in our school grounds.

We have been learning about how busy garden birds are during Spring. We have watched a video about how birds make nests. We have looked at some examples of birds nests that were possibly made last Spring. Then we had a go at making our own. We have used some natural materials we found outside as well as some manmade materials.

Thursday 15th December-Christmas Adult pop-in.
On Wednesday 14th December we designed some Christmas pictures to decorate some cookies with ready for the 'Adult pop-in' on Thursday.

During our English lesson we have listened to the traditional Nativity story. Then we re-wrote the story in our own words. To complete the activity we made a Nativity scene, Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus.

We have made some Christmas Tree paper chains during our focus activity. LO: To be able to listen and follow instructions.

We have been getting ready for our annual 'Christmas adult pop-in'. In English we have discussed the layout of letters and invitations.

Some finished fireworks for our display board.

Some of us chose to use paint to decorate our fireworks.

Then we got out all the materials and equipment we needed and made a start on our fireworks.
We had a discussion about our favourite fireworks. We made a plan by drawing a picture and then labelling our picture identifying the materials we could use to make a firework for our display board outside the Rainbow Room.
In our ICT lesson we typed up some firework safety facts that we thought are important to keep everybody safe.

November 2016.

As part of our topic work 'Autumn' we have been looking at things we celebrate during the Autumn months. We have been focussing on 'Bonfire Night'. We have written some facts about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate 'Bonfire Night'.


As part of our English work we have written a re-count explaining how we made our apple crumble.

All prepared ready to finish off at home.

We put the apples in our tray and added the crumble mixture ontop.

We rubbed in the butter gently to finish the crumble.

We mixed the flour and sugar together.

We used the scales to weigh out the correct ingredients.

Next we got the ingredients ready make the crumble.

We put the apples on a tray with some water and simmered them to make them soft.

First we peeled, cored and sliced the apples.

September/October 2016.

As part of our topic work we have been looking at the hard work the Farmers do throughout the year to prepare and grow crops ready for harvesting. We have talked about the work involved looking after orchards and focussed specifically on the apple tree. We have prepared an apple crumble as part of our learning.

We have been designing a scene for the Hornsea Scarecrow Trail 2016. We drew a picture and shared our ideas. We have discussed the props that we can make to go with the scarecrows. We have been very busy.


Tuesday 19th July, 2016.

We have been focussing on the Summer season as part of our topic work. We have produced some lovely poems and displayed them outside the Rainbow Room. 

Thursday 30th June, 2016

We have been learning about England and Spain as part of our topic work 'Countries Around The World'. We have looked at capitals, currency, the flags for each country, weather and food. We made a traditional Spanish dish and prepared a traditional English dish.

Every Wednesday we do activities to help us learn about different feelings and how to deal with them appropriately and how to promote positive friendships. We have had a look at a First-aid Kit. We discussed all the different things in a kit that helps us when we have had a small accident. We then made a Friendship First-Aid Kit using ideas we discussed from a First- Aid Kit.

We have been getting ready for our adult pop-in session. We have invited the adults we live with and the adults in our classroom to come and have breakfast with us and look at our work we have completed this term.

We can label the parts of a flower.


We are starting our new topic work about 'Life Cycles'. Life cycles are the reproduction process of any living thing. This week we are looking and learning about a butterfly's life cycle. The life cycle starts with an egg. We learnt that butterflies lay their eggs on plants, underneath leaves. We drew a leaf and a butterfly egg and then looked at different materials we could use to make a leaf and an egg. When we had chosen our materials we labelled our diagram and made the first part of the life cycle for our display board outside the Rainbow Room.

We have started our new topic work about Spring. We worked as a group to complete the Seasons jigsaw so we could identify the months that fall into Spring.

Adult breakfast pop-in.


As part of our Winter topic work we have made some bird cake to help the birds eat during the cold Winter months. We have been looking at the type of birds we might see in our garden, when walking to school and around school.

We have invited the adults we live with and some adults from our mainstream classroom to come and look at the work we have been doing this term. We also decorated some biscuits so they could have a drink and a biscuit with us while we completed some Christmas activities.

We have been looking at the seasons and months in our calendar year. We have been focussing on Winter and December. We know there are 31 days in December. We made some Christmas stockings to symbolise each day in December.

We have made some Christmas wreaths and Christmas cards to sell at 'Carols Around The Tree' on Monday 7th December. The money we raise will go towards resources to help us learn in school.

Carols Around The Tree

As part of our Winter topic work we have being focussing on animals that hibernate. We have been researching facts about hedgehogs. Mrs Larsen kindly brought in her home made hedgehog house so we could see what a hedgehogs needs to keep itself  warm and safe in the cold Winter months.

We also have been looking at friendships. We had a discussion about friends and we had to think of a special friend. We wrote down why this person was a special friend and then we made them a friendship bracelet as a symbol of our positive friendship.

This week at school our focus has been 'Anti-Bullying'. We worked together sharing our ideas to make some posters to put up near our room.
Maths-LO: To be able to confidently subtract one number from another.

We can use cubes to help us with our subtraction work.

Autumn Dispaly Work

Autumn Term 2015

Herb planting and care.

As part of our topic work this Autumn we have been looking at the hard work Farmers do especially during Harvest time. We have looked at all the different vegetables that they grow and harvest. In our lesson we prepared and made a vegetable stew.
Well done!!!.....we received 3rd place in the Hornsea &District Chamber of Trade Scarecrow Trail 2015.

3rd Place.

Hornsea Scarecrow Trail 2015

Maths work

Maths- LO: To be abe to work out division problems.

Maths- LO: To be able to recognise fractions and equivalent fractions.

Maths- LO: To be aware of the value of money.

Maths- LO: To be able to understand place value

We did some role play and visited the shop to help us understand the value of money. We paid for items and then had to go away and use our subtraction skills to make sure we had been given the correct change.