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Autumn 1 RE 2017

It's Harvest time and the children in EYFS have been finding about the special celebrations and collection of lots of different fruit and vegetables at this time of year. KS1 have been finding out about themselves and that they are all "unique." People have all different kinds of beliefs, wear different kinds of clothes and pray in different ways and places. But everyone is special!

KS2 have been finding out about how people around the world express themselves, and the symbols and traditions they use. They have looked at some of the important people of faith and at how they have influenced others.  KS2 have also been thinking about Harvest time as a way of helping others. Mrs Joy in Year 5 asked HCPS if they could bring in different kinds of food so we could donate it to Hornsea Food bank. What a super collection. smiley 

Autumn term 1 2017

KS2 Assembly 12th June 

Mr and Mrs Hubbard, who represent one of the churches from the 'Holderness churches together group,' came to tell us a special Bible story. Mr Hubbard also entertained KS2 by singing and playing the guitar too.

Listening to Bible stories in our KS2 Assembly

Faith in Art. May 15th Art, spirituality and religion

Teachers were invited to explore “Faith in Art” by either choosing a religious work (or works) of art /sculpture, icon or building of significance from any of the six main faiths; through different art related activities eg OR to create their own religious work of art. (The RE Units of Learning proposed for Summer 1 also offered a ready-made starting point for investigation of “faith in art” )

EYFS chose to look at the Bible and the Old Testament story of Noah's Ark; they drew and painted an ark and all the animals and birds in sets of two.

Year 1/2 also chose Noah's ark; they retold the story and made stained glass windows and more detailed collaged animals.

Year 3 /4 extended their study of the work of David Hockney by looking at Hockney's painting and version of "The Sermon on the Mount."

The children divided the painting into sections to either paint or use pastels and then joined them all together again with amazing results.

Year 5 studied the stories behind different stained glass windows in cathedrals and churches and compared them to the patterns and designs in Islamic mosques.

Year 6 discussed "What does God look like?" and "How do artists view God?" They created their own paintings of God with some very thought provoking results.

   Learning about LENT.

     KS1  have been learning about LENT during another special Assembly given by Mrs Walker from Hornsea Methodist Church. The children learned about how Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and nights . Some children were invited to decorate a picture of this. The children also found out that it is 40 days until Easter.

Spring 1 end of term Assemblies

       Thanks to Mrs Walker our visitor from the Hornsea Methodist Church, as she came to give a special assembly for KS1. She told us how important the Bible is to Christians and we sang and performed the actions to  "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes!" as she explained how every one of us is unique and important too.


    Also this term, KS1 and KS2 have been learning new Hymns and songs to sing during our assemblies.( Though we always like to sing our "favourites"hymns too...."Jubilate" and "Wiggly waggly worm!"


"Heads, shoulders, knees and toes!"

Year 1 have been learning about the Christian Creation story and have illustrated each of the seven days

Christian Creation story

Our Christmas Celebrations

   This year the children in Key Stage 2 enjoyed performing Christmas carols and songs (in each year group) at the United Reformed Church in Hornsea,

   Children in Key Stage 1 and EYFS (for the first time on stage.) retold the Christmas story to packed audiences. Each Year group chose their own Christmas plays to put on and they all performed and sang brilliantly.

Christmas Nativity plays

 RE Autumn Term 2016

March 2016

We have been looking at different Spring Festivals in Key Stage 1 and EYFS


   The children in 2LW  have been role playing the parable of "The Good Samaritan." The Samaritan was the only person to stop and help the Jewish man who had been robbed and hurt. Everyone else walked by. Even though Samaritans and Jews often did not get along, the Samaritan showed kindness and was a true neighbour to a stranger. 

Children in 1MT enjoyed finding out about the Jewish faith. They looked at Jewish artefacts and found out how they are used and what they are called.

Guardian Angel week

Once again it has been ‘Guardian Angel’ week in school, which started straight after the half term holiday on Monday 22nd February. Children and staff had a chance to prove that they can be a “good friend” by becoming a Guardian Angel or helpful friend to another person for a whole week.

 Class teachers  put names into a hat and each child picked out a class member for whom they would be a Guardian Angel in secret for the week.  The person chosen must not know who is “treating them” or “doing them a good turn”. “Guardian Angels” were asked to think carefully of ways they could help their chosen person; for example always opening a door for them, playing or talking to them in the playground, helping them with homework, making a cheerful card for them or simply giving them a smile each day.

Parents helped their child with ideas of different ways of being a “Guardian Angel” and to decide how they treated their chosen person. (No bought presents or money to be involved).The week was fun for all children and helped promote our friendly and caring attitude throughout school. Hopefully putting a smile on everyone’s face.

RE Day October 23rd 2015

Theme: “Places of Worship”

Objective: To investigate and be able to describe different “sacred places” or “places of worship” belonging to one or more of the six main faiths: to also include the investigation of religious artefacts, traditions and people within these sacred places and how the building etc relates to their beliefs and worship styles.

Aim :  To know that different faiths (around the world) have “sacred places or places of worship”; This may be in a building,  home or outside areas to visit, which is a recognised “special place” where people pray ,worship and celebrate their faith.
Year 2 discussed different aspects of the British Values of mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs by asking the question “Does everyone believe in God? Have the same beliefs as the Christian faith group? They were able to observe and reflect upon what other people believe and they found out that Britain is a multi-faith society where everyone can hold their own beliefs.

Year 2 British Values day 27.1.16