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School Council


Our School Council members are led by Miss Thompson.


One School Council members have been chosen by each class from EYFS to Year 6. 


2018 - 2019

May 2019 

Today school council met to count up the Ballot box votes. It was a very tricky task with lots of ballot papers. The results were very clear. The children of HCPS have voted 'YES' to changing the policy to allow children to bring juice in their water bottle. The next step is to present our results to the school Governors. 

April 2019

Mrs Whitehead has given the go ahead for us to collect some evidence from the children at school to support the changes we've suggested to the 'water bottle' policy. It has been decided that we will have an official vote using a ballot ox in each classroom. Today we made our ballot boxes for our class. 

March 2019 

Comic Relief - throughout the week leading up to Comic Relief a select number of the school council children were in-charge of selling the red noses to children within our school. This including handling money, giving change and polite manors. The children also decided that the children within school should come in red or red nose day related non-uniform for a donation of £1. The school council children chose some children to appear in the paper for their comic relief efforts.  

February 2019

The children met and presented the ideas and comments from their class regarding the changes to 'the water bottle' policy. The children decided that a lot of children in the school were passionate about this change and decided to take it to Mrs Whitehead to see if change could happen. 

January 2019

The school council met a discussed a list of things they would like to change/improve/develop within our school. The school council children had a lot of ideas but decided on 'the water bottle policy'. The children are going to present their change to their class in a school council lead session and then collect their classes thoughts and ideas.

December 2019 

School council held and led a Christmas Jumper day to help raise money for our school. The money is going to be used to buy new books for the school. 

November 2018

Children in need was a huge success - the School Council children conducted themselves really well. They  judged the competitions we had running today and worked really hard - delivering prices, discussing the winners, collecting the money etc. 

October 2018

The School council members met to discuss what they wanted to do for this year's Children in Need. They discussed it professionally and listened to each other's ideas. After a vote they decided on the follow:

- Pudsey Bear sculpture competition 

- Pudsey Bear fancy dress competition 

- Design a new Pudsey Bear banana competition 

The children also decided to hold a poster competition prior to Children in Need. The winning poster will be sent home as information for parents and displayed around school. 

September 2018 

Each class has had an election within their class. The candidates interested in being in the school council rep for their class had to prepare a pitch/speech to persuade their class to vote for them.