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Autumn Term 2016
Today we have looked at the season Winter. In particular what happens to the birds. We decided it would be very kind to help feed the birds by making our own fat balls using lard, wild seeds and sun and pumpkin seeds. We will be hanging them outside the Sunshine Room once they have harden.

After we used the flesh of the pumpkin to make our soup, Mrs Middleton asked, 'Would a pumpkin plant grow in a pumpkin?'

We wrote down our predictions and planted our pumpkin seed in the pumpkin. After 2 weeks of careful watering and looking after, our seeds grew into pumpkin plants. We have replanted them into bigger pots now and are very excited to see if they will carry on growing!

Pumpkin experiment.

Playing on the trim trail, taking care with ourselves and each other.

Making our Monster Feeling Faces, can you guess the feeling?

We have been practising working together, sharing and taking turns.
We have been busy with the play dough making our faces.

February 2016

Pancake Party

The children from the morning session had a pancake party and invited their family and friends.

We had fun working as a team following the instructions , measuring and mixing the ingredients needed for the pancakes.

The children greeted their people invited and went on to be fabulous waiters/waitresses, serving their pancakes.

As well as having pancakes we have looked at Chinese New Year. On the craft table we made a Chinese puppet dragon and a monkey. We made a monkey because it is the Chinese year of the monkey.

We had lots of fun!

January 2016


During the afternoon sessions we have been looking at the Vikings. We have learnt what they wore, how they lived and survived. We also looked at how they travelled. We understand why the ship was called a Long ship and how it helped the Vikings.

We had to make an origami long ship. We looked at the instructions and decided that we would complete it together. We worked as a team, listening to each other and taking turns.

January 2016


During maths we have been looking at adding, fact families and partitioning. We have worked together as a team, sharing and waiting as well as working together.




We have been very busy these last couple of weeks. We have  been entrepreneurs, designing and making wreaths and Christmas cards to sell at the Christmas fair. It was a great success, making £25 for school resources.

We have had lots of fun sticking, cutting, making, baking and the best bit of all GLITTERING!


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tea Party


We baked some homemade shortbread for our tea party with our parents or family member.

The children were fabulous hosts serving their decorated biscuits.

We all had great fun and the children got to show off their amazing work!

Feeding the birds.


In autumn we know the birds struggle to find food. We made our own fat balls to hang in the trees outside the Sunshine Room, so we can watch the birds feed.


Autumn has arrived!


This week we have looked at the season Autumn. We discussed what changes we can see and feel and how it effects the farmers and animals.

The children have brought in conkers, leaves, berries and fir cones for our display, thank you.

During our English lesson we wrote a couple of sentences about what Autumn means to us. These looked great on our display!


During Art we made our own Autumn Mobile. We looked at what different items we could add. We looked at hedgehogs, leaves, conkers, fir cones, colours and acorns. We used sticks for the foundation of the mobile, as this gave the mobile an Autumn feel.

Our first week back.



We have had a very successful week in the Sunshine Room.


Science - food tasting


We have been science investigators in the Sunshine room this week. We have looked at foods that we need to keep us healthy. We have tried lots of different types of fruit and vegetables.

We looked at the taste and texture of the fruits and vegetables and recorded the information we gathered. As you can see from the photos below we really enjoyed this activity.

Nest building

We have been out and about looking at the changes Spring brings to the Sunshine Room. On our walk we noticed the birds building their nests collecting different materials. Shoots popping up from the ground and buds appearing on the branches of the trees.

Spring - nest building


Christmas Activities


For our school Christmas fair we made bird feeders and tree decorations which we designed ourselves.



Surprise Gifts


We wanted to make a surprise gift for someone special, we made a box and a crispy bun each which we decorated with icing and snowflakes.



Cracking Christmas


The afternoon group had a 'cracking time' making a Christmas Cracker.