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Worry Box

Life can sometimes be tricky and it can make you feel sad, lonely, worried, nervous and all sorts of other emotions. This can happen to anyone at anytime! We want to help you with any worries you have, so please come and talk to us! It is OK to be worried about things and often the more you talk about a worry the smaller it will get!


Worry Jars/Boxes


Due to the current situation we are unable to use the worry boxes that are situated around school so, each class has  a worry jar to use within their bubble. You will find  paper next to the jar so that you can then use your own pen/pencil to write your worry on ,however big or small. Each day an adult within the classroom will be reading the worries and will talk to you in private about the worry. Sometimes the adult within the classroom may need help to help you with the worry, so may need to pass the worry on to Mrs Semper, or a member of the pastoral team so that they can help you with the worry.


Talking about worries helps everyone to feel better and get the right support that they need for their worry.


                                                Remember, its good to talk!

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