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Year 1/2

2KB's Splashtastic trip to The Deep!

Class 1JR have enjoyed the summer term!

2KB Maths Mission Summer 2 - we surveyed our classmates about their favourite biscuit toppings, carefully weighed the ingredients and baked these delicious biscuits!

1KR Spring Term

1KR Smoothies, Canine Partners and a trip to Tesco

1KR Maths, sharing

1JR Maths Mission

1JR Hornsea Museum

1JR Trip to Tesco

1JR World Book Day

1LW Egg decorating and Punch and Judy

1LW visit to Hornsea Museum

2MT really enjoyed learning about healthy food at Tesco!

Look at the decorated egg winners from 2MT!

2MT checking how clean their hands are!

2MT checking their teeth for plaque!

REMINDER: KS1 Easter Assembly. Our Year 1 and 2 children will be performing a small selection of Easter songs and poems for parents to watch towards the end of the term. The dates and times are: Tuesday 4th April - 9.30am (Year 1) and 2.30pm (Year 2) Thursday 6th April - 9.30am (Year 2) and 2.30pm (Year 1)

2MT on their visit to Hornsea Library.

2MT hanging their bird feeders in the trees.

Date for the diary

Please note that World Book Day will be on Thursday 2nd March 2017. Part of the celebrations this year will involve the children dressing as their favourite book character. We're looking forward to an exciting day! Thank you for your continued support.

A Victorian Adventure! 2KB's January Hook Day.

2KB Christmas Dinner

2KB Some of our brilliant homework!

2KB Busy weighing in maths!

30.11.16 - Bugtopia!

What a fantastic, educational visit years one and two enjoyed from Bugtopia. Ben arrived with a selection of intriguing tanks and cases, and set up in our hall ready for a day of excited HCPS pupils!

Ben explained to us about the meaning of some tricky scientific words, such as invertebrates, arachnids and exoskeleton. The first creature we were introduced to was a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach. We discovered that the cockroach only hisses when it is frightened to try and trick its predators that it is a snake!

The second creature we met was a Giant African Millipede. Strangely, it wasn’t waiting in one of the cages, but keeping warm in Ben’s pocket! Ben told us that the name means 1000 (milli) feet (pede), but that they don’t really have 1000 feet, the maximum they have is about 700 but most have about 250.

We then had the opportunity to meet a scorpion. We discovered that scorpions with larger pincers and thinner tails use their pincers to attack, and scorpions with thinner pincers and larger tails use their tails to attack. Fortunately, we met a friendly scorpion today!

Finally, the part we had all been waiting for…the tarantula! Lots of the children, and even some of the staff, were brave enough to handle it. We learnt how different spiders catch and kill their prey in different ways.

We hope that the children have come home as excited and full of stories as the staff all have. Thank you for supporting this special day for them.

2MT loved Children in Need. Especially Miss T!

Autumn Term in 1LW


2MT are turning into Magnificent Mathematicians!

2MT have been exploring 'beachy' adjectives

2KB - Using adjectives to write noun phrases about the beach!

2KB Maths - we've been busy learning our number bonds to 10, 20 and 100!

What a wonderful walk!  Years one and two paired up this week to explore Hornsea and find out more about the places we have been learning about during our Hop in to Hornsea topic. We were so impressed with both the children's behaviour and their knowledge of Hornsea - well done years one and two! Since the trip, the children have been talking and working enthusiastically about the things they saw, and have produced some fantastic work. 

2KB Maths - we've been exploring the place value of numbers, including how numbers are made of tens and ones, number sequences, ordering numbers, greater than, less than and equals signs, and a lot of problem solving!

2KB Roald Dahl Day 13th September 2016 - What fabulous costumes!


What a fantastic start to our new school year! The children have settled in to their new classes quickly and are all working hard. 

We started our new topic with a fascinating hook day, looking at our school and some of our favourite places to visit in Hornsea. Thank you for the super homework which was collected/put together over the holidays, it really helps bring our topic to life and the children love to share their experiences. As part of our topic, we have been practising our map skills using maps of the school and the local area. During the first week we enjoyed our first maths mission day of the year focusing on position and direction: we practised whole, half and quarter turns; used maps to find clues around our playground; programmed BeeBots to move around an area; and gave each other directions using the terms 'clockwise' and 'anticlockwise'.

During our half term's topic we will be thinking about a different part of Hornsea each week, including Bettison's Folly, The Mere, the beach, the park and Hornsea Freeport. We will also be going for a walk around Hornsea to look at all the places we have been learning about.

Where possible, our English lessons will be linked to our topic. However, these will also include all the skills we need to learn to develop our writing.

Please do let us know if you think you can help at all with our topic in some way, or if you have any comments or concerns about any other aspect of school life. Thank you.

Autumn Term 2016

Summer Term 2016

Summer Fair - Country Dancing - July 2016

Still image for this video

1KL   India Day  28th June

Mehndi is a traditional art of decorating hands and feet with henna. We found out it is very popular in India.


1MT's Chinese Dragon!

1MT have been learning about the Aborigine Art!

1MT have been busy making Tepees!

KS1 have had a great day making totem poles with Mr Thompson!

2JR loved making totem poles with Mr Thompson

1MT loved making totem poles with Miss Thompson's dad!

Tigers Trust came to visit 1MT today. We had great fun!

This term Year 1 and 2 are going 'Around the World in 6 Weeks'

Spring Term 2016

1MT have been on a minibeast and plant hunt today!