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Year 3/4

Year 3 & 4 - Summer Term 2

What a busy term this has been: 

Creative Arts to begin with;

Maths Mission - Geometry focus;

moving swiftly on to two very important Beach Cleans;

A Multicultural Day, with each of the four classes covering a different country, all with their very own amazing recipes;

A tremendous day of learning, fun and excitement at Murton Park, studying the Stone Age era; and finally the Year 3 & 4 Sports Finals.  Phew.... I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!


Look below to see just a few of the photos from the above events.


Beach Clean

Maths Mission Summer 2 - Geometry Focus

Multicultural Day - Spain (3AW)

Visit to Murton Park - Stone Age Trip

Year 3 & 4 Sports Finals

Summer 1- Maths Mission in 3/4HR. Making 2D shapes on the playground.

Spring 2- Food glorious Food in 3LW!

Spring 2- Food Glorious Food in 4JB!!


As part of our topic the children designed and prepared a stir-fry. They used a range of techniques to prepare the food such as; grating, slicing, chopping and tearing. 

Spring 2- Food glorious Food in 3/4HR

Fabulous Maths in 3AW!!

Spring 1- The children have turned into Groovy Greeks in 3LW!!

Spring 1- Groovy Greeks in 3AW and 'A Taste of History'.

Spring 1- Groovy Greeks in 3/4HR!

Spring 1 Groovy Greeks. 'A Taste of History' came into school to teach the children in year 3 and 4 how to cook delicious Greek food which we got to taste!

Autumn 2- Discoveries in 3AW!!

Archbishop of York Youth Trust - Young Leaders Award

The children are now well on their way with the award. The children are working through 6 different units: Leadership, Inspirational Leaders, Our Local Community, The National Community, The Global Community and Community Action Project.


Unit 1 - Leadership

During this unit, the children have explored and discussed the qualities needed to make a good leader and thought about ways in which they can be 'the change they want to see' in the world.

The children discussed in groups and then each wrote down one thing they would like to change in the world to make it a better place. What inspirational young leaders we already have through their sharing of ideas!




Archbishop of York Youth Trust - Young Leaders Award

We are delighted to inform you that 3LW, 3AW and 3/4HR are taking part in the Young Leaders Award this year.


The Young Leaders Award aims to equip young people to 'be the change they want to see' in their local communities, and through a number of interactive lessons and practical challenges our pupils will be involved in serving their community and making a difference.


There will be opportunities for parents/carers and family members to get involved in the community action projects that will take place later in the year, and we will be in touch with more details nearer the time. At the end of the award each pupil will receive a certificate and we will host an awards assembly next year.


Please keep checking in for more photos and details and thank you for your continued support with your child's award...


What an eventful couple of weeks. We had a special performance by a company called 'A Twist in Time', the children really enjoyed the perfomance!

The school also held the annual Summer Fair on Saturday 19th July, what a great turn out depsite having rain in the morning! We raised almost £4,000! AMAZING, thank you to everyone who helped out! The school have also held many sports events over the last few weeks including our Community Sports Day.

On Thursday 21st July the school had their Always Always day - some classes came to school in their pjs, non-school uniform, had lots of treats, discos and lots, lots more! A great day had by all!


Have a fantastic summer and stay safe!

We look forward to seeing you in September!



The Orb, the Tortoise, the Wedge and the Repel-Cavalry are the names of the different formations 4KB tried using their Roman shields- it looked brilliant! 

In English, year 4 have been looking at editing and improving their story writing. We have been interpreting and presenting discrete and continuous data using appropriate graphical methods, including bar charts and time graphs! 

During P.E., year 4 have been playing games of rounders and practising their relay races. 



This week Year 4 have been looking at angles and translating shapes in maths and looked at story writing in English. The children had to plan their story and write it up during their Big Write. We have also made our very own Roman Shields, ready to test out the different formations next week! 


On Wednesday and Friday it was 'New Classes Day'. All the children got to spend two full days with their new teacher and class for the next academic year. It was a great time to get to know one and other and their new teacher!



This week Year 4 have been busy learning all about equivalent fractions and on Tuesday it was Maths Mission day where the children were learning all about time!

In English we were looking at story openers and we had a visit from Mr Gray in assembly.

13.06.16 - 17.06.16


On Tuesday, Year 4 had a visit from the 'A Taste of History'. All the children learned more about the Rotten Romans and the food they ate, we were lucky enough to try a wide selection of different foods. The children made spiced wine, lentil stew, prawn rissoles, marinated  feta, Roman burgers, sweet Roman toast and pancakes with milk. The children were able to try come white chocolate mice (instead of stuffed dormice), sesame biscuits, peppered sweet cakes, dates with honey and Roman army bread! YUMMY!


Wow, what a lot of new things we have learnt!


Take a look at some of the pictures...



Welcome back to the Summer term!


On Monday it was Hook day all about the Rotten Romans!

The children made an onager using wood, a clamp and a saw. The onagers looked brilliant with wheels and a spoon for a launch lever.

This week, Year 4 have been looking at PALL in English (purpose, audience, layout and language) for story writing. During maths the children have been learning all about Roman numerals from filling in a 100 square to colouring by numbers (Roman numerals).




WOW what a creative week. This week has been creative arts week; all year groups were mixed up into different groups focusing on Africa as the focus!

On Monday and Tuesday, the children remained in their own classes with a focus on multi-cultural differences and similarities.


On Wednesday and Thursday, the whole school split up into mixed years groups for their creative arts groups; dance, art and music.

Back by popular demand, Mighty Zulu Nation made an amazing appearance with their African performances which left the whole school in awe and with a buzzing atmosphere throughout.


What creative children we have!



Brazil has been Year 4's focus this week and what a colourful week it has been!


The children have been busy looking at the different types of graphs to present their data in maths, story writing in English, Rosh Hashanah in R.E and looking at the Jewish tradition. During indoor P.E. Year 4 have been busy learning Brazilian carnical dancing. The children have also been creative this week making Brazilian masks whilst listening to samba music for inspiration. These masks are just fabulous, please take a look for yourselves!



What a busy week it has been this week!
Good Luck to all of Year 6 sitting their National Curriculum Tests!


China is Year 4's focus in topic this week!


Year 4 have been busy looking at addition and subtraction in maths, including how to calculate the perimeter of simple shapes. In English, the children have been looking at the features of instructions texts. In topic, the children listened to Chinese music to help inspire their Chinese artwork. All children tried some prawn crackers - yummy! Tennis was the focus in outdoor P.E.



On Friday, the whole school celebrated the Queen's 90th Birthday and the Pensioner's Party. For the Queen's birthday the children celebrated by creating a human Union Jack flag on the playground by holding up red, white and blue card; all staff and children were involved. We also had lots of different activities to take part in, an outside disco and whole-school picnic on the field. Miss Savage's baking club decorated 517 bun (one for every child in school) in red, white and blue icing and arranged them into the Union Jack Flag.


A huge thank you to Mrs Billam and Mrs Wiles for organising the event and to the many dedicated children who have helped to plan, prepare and deliver such a fantastic event!

03.05.16- 06.05.16


Jamaica has been Year 4's focus in topic this week!


In maths the children have been looking at multiplication, area and problem solving. In English, we have been looking at this weeks spellings of the different homophones. In addition to homophones, the children have been looking at writing instructions for the musical instrument known as the Kalimba. 


In topic, Year 4 created some beautiful pop art drawings of Bob Marley using oil pastels. They look brilliant and are vibrant using primary colours! We listened to his music, known as reggae music and learnt about his life.




Greece has been the country of focus this week.


In English this week, Year 4 have been writing a poem using simple organisational devices such as verses and figurative speech. The children created some brilliant poems using lovely poetic language!

The children also looked at Greek dancing in P.E., tasted some Greek food; feta cheese and olives and made the traditional Greek string instrument called the Lyre. The Lyre designs were fabulous!


This week year 4 have been busy looking at Australia in topic, the children have created some beautiful dot paintings using the end of a paintbrush to create the dot effect. Ewan in 4KB was very kind and brought in his didgeridoo for his peers to have a go at playing. It looks a lot easier than you think!


In English, year 4 have been looking at the different features of poetry and listened to Waltzing Matilda and created their own version of the poem. Everyone did really well, they were very catchy!

The focus in maths this week has been rounding to 10, 100, 1,000 and to the nearest whole number with decimals.


Welcome back smiley

We hope you all had a lovely Easter!


This half terms topic is called 'Music to my Ears'. Year 4 began their topic looking at India. The children have created some beautiful drawings of the Taj Mahal using black card and pastel colours. We have some budding artists in Year 4! The children also helped make some very tasty potato and vegetable curry, infused with a range of spices! The Year 4 corridor smelt amazing!

The children have also been looking at Mehndi Indian designs and produced some lovely intricate hand designs and built their very own slums out of cardboard, rope and plastic sheets.


What a fantastic start back!




WOW! What a busy week! Monday in school was French day- Year 4 were lucky to try a spot of French cuisine; warm croissants with jam! The children also got to bake cupcakes and cover them in icing, sprinkles and their own made French flag. Délicieuxeuse!


The children also created two impressionist style paintings in Claude Monets famous style. The children used their fingers and another one a computer system to create some beautiful paintings.


Wednesday, Year 4 wrote their for and againsts points about animals living in Zoos. The children produced some brilliant points and put them across very well!


Thursday, Year 4 have been busy with Easter creations: chocolate nest buns, Easter cards and an Easter Egg hunt. RNLI came into school to give the children a safety talk about being safe in the water and what the possible dangers are when in and near water. Please take a look at the pictures...




This week so far, Year 4 have been very busy looking at fractions in maths, they have been adding fractions and looking at fractions of quantities.

For example: What is 1/3 of 27? If we know what 1/3 of 27 is, what is 2/3 of 27?

What is 3/5 +4/5=


In P.E. we have been looking at different passes and defending in small groups.

During topic, the children have made some beautiful like cycle of a chicken mobiles, showing the different stages from the egg, chick to the adult chicken. They look fabulous hanging from the ceiling!


Friday was Sports Relief- the whole school came to school dressed in sport gear. Year 4 were very lucky to take part in an obstacle course! What a beautiful day it was to be outside. All the different classes took part in their own mini challenges, 4KB timed each child working their way round the trim trail. What a brilliant effort made by everyone!



This week Year 4 have been busy learning about fractions and decimals in maths, dividing by 10 and 100 and looking at place value.

During topic,  the children produced some beautiful amphibian posters, they had to come up with their own name of their creature and produce its life cycle. During P.E. Year 4 have been looking at movement and dance to the song 'Circle of Life' from the Lion King.


On Wednesday, Year 4 had their Big Write in English, the children were asked to write the Lion King story. Before beginning to write the story, the children had some time to plan and re-enacted the story in groups, this way all children got to act out the variety of animals. This role play helped the children remember the story when it came to writing it down.


On Thursday, the whole school were very lucky to have a special guest visit the school. Richard Dexter from the Tiger's Trust came in to talk to the children about sportsmanship and the different qualities needed to make a good team player and with that, out walked Dean Windass, Hull City's former Striker!





This week, Year 4 were very lucky to have Spin Off Productions, a theatre group from Hull, come in and perform a few plays about Internet safety. Year 4 were split into two groups and were able to join in with some workshops to reinforce the message of the plays previously shown. 

Year 4 were also split into groups to take part in a workshop for Travelling by Tuba, what an amazing job they did in the amount of time they had. Take a look at the different instruments they got to play!


In Maths this week, we have been looking at grid multiplication and applying this method to calculating the area of simple and compound shapes. 

In English, the children are starting to look at the correct use of the possessive apostrophe and continuing to practise our cursive script, to further improve our handwriting! 

Outdoor P.E. this term is basketball, we are learning different styles of passing and how to dribble the ball effectively. 


On Thursday the whole school were invited to dress up as their favourite reading book character for World Book Day and bring in their favourite book. What a fantastic effort made by everyone!


3/4HR have been looking after 12 eggs in an incubator ready to see them hatch, within two days 9 chicks hatched! Take a look at  the photos and the video!

It was eggsalent! What a cracking moment to catch on camera and a magical moment to remember!


...and to top it all off, we've even had some snow this week!




Welcome back!

What a brilliant start back after half term! Year 4 were very lucky to have visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of their new Topic; The Circle of Life. We could not have wished for a better day, although a little chilly, the sun was shining bright all day! Some brilliant questions were asked throughout the day to both the park rangers and to the staff in the education centre!


Thursday was our Maths Mission Day! What a fantastic day filled with lots of estimating, measuring, comparing and calculating. We looked at mass, capacity and length. Another great day had by all!

Year 3 Trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park (25.02.16)


What a wonderful day was had by all.  Nobody could have asked for a better day - the weather was beautiful, even if it was a little on the cold side.  Well at least the polar bears were happy nosmiley.  They even took a swim - Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  See if you can spot evidence in one of the photos below.




Safer Internet Week


This week Year 4 have been really busy learning to solve addition and subtraction problems in contexts and began looking at perimeter in maths. The children had to find the missing numbers in pyramid grids using inverse operations and measure shapes to work out their perimeter.

In English, Year 4 have been looking at using speech marks and the rules for speech as well as the 'sc' sound and looking at the different words that include the sound. 4KB also used Kung Fu punctuation when reading through a story, a brilliant wave of Kung Fu sounds were heard out in the corridor! 4KB also had the chance to perform their reenactments of St George's Day- they were fantastic!


What a brilliant selection of homework Year 4 have produced! You should all be very proud of your efforts! Well done! We are already looking forward to seeing the new Topic's homework; The Life Cycle.



National Storytelling Week.


This week Year 4 have been busy learning column subtraction, using both the expanded and compact methods. In English the children have been looking at standard English and colloquial language and dialects in today's society.

The children acted out traditional fairytales but with a twist, using five freeze frames. What a brilliant set of actors and actresses!

In Topic, the children created a drawing of both Ancient Egypt and modern day Egypt, all children created some very detailed pictures!

Finally, in R.E, the children created their own props and practised their role play ready to re-enact the story of St. George's Day next week!



27th January - British Values Day


This week Year 4 have been ever so lucky to take part in a drama performance with the Konflux Theatre focusing on Ancient Egypt and Cleopatra. What a brilliant effort made by everyone! All the children did really well remembering their lines without a script in site!

In English, Year 4 have been busy with their Big Write all about 'Tomb Raiders' - these brilliant ideas created some fantastic stories!


On British Values Day Year 4 talked all about democracy and go the chance to create their own political party; coming up with their own name, logo, slogan and motion to present to the rest of the class. The children got the chance to vote for each motion like a real life ballot! Each political party presented their ideas superbly!



Monday was Year 4s Maths Mission Day, filled with lots of different time activities! The activities consisted of telling the time using the 24 hour clock, reading the time to the nearest minute, estimating how long a task will take and accurately measuring the time and comparing the times on a digital and analogue clock.  What a brilliant day!


Throughout the week, Year 4 have been looking at rounding to the nearest 100 in maths, conjunctions and their Big Write in English. Brilliant imagination created super writing! 


Mr Mussaread's Visit to Year 3/4



This week Year 4 have been busy learning about Egyptian numbers in maths and rounding numbers to the nearest 10. In English we have been looking at adverbs and adverbial phrases and adding them into a short piece of writing. The children had some brilliant ideas for their stories after been given the opening and closing sentences to start them off.

During Topic this week, Year 4 have created their own Ancient Egypt timeline filled with different dates and events that took place and finished their clay sarcophagi and amulets they started last week by painting them some fabulous colours; making them look even more realistic!


05.01.16- 08.01.16




What an amazing start to 2016! Tuesday 5th January was 'Hook Day' for the new history topic: Pharoahs and Egyptians. 4KB pretended to mummify Megan through acting out the different procdures of mummification with homemade organs. Mrs Beaumont, with help from children, washed the body with natron salt, pushed a hook through the nose to remove the brain, cut open the left hand-side of the body to remove the organs and put them into canopic jars and covered them with salt.


Mr Mussared came in to school to show the children a range of different Egyptian artifacts and models. What an interesting and informative talk, all the children were engaged and asked lots of thought provoking questions!


We made our own amulets and sarcophagi out of clay, what budding artists the children are. The children also produced cartoushes using hieroglyphics to write their name- they even made up their own hieroglyphs!


Year 4 ended the week looking at different saints in R.E. and New Year Resolutions. Each child chose a resolution for home and school which they will try and keep.

14.12.15 - 18.12.15


What a brilliant week full of Christmas cheer. Year 4 have been busy with Christmas activities; wordsearches, Christmas coordinates, poetry and a Christmas card challenge.

Year 4 had their Christmas party on Monday afternoon, filled with games and dancing, followed by lots of Christmasy food in the classroom. What a fabulous time we all had!


Wednesday afternoon was the guitar performance played to parents and KS2 children, by all children learning guitar throughout the Autumn term. It was super!

Thursday afternoon was a singing assembly with all of KS2. 4KB performed their 12 Days of Christmas song which they performed at the United Reformed Church to parents infront of the other classes who followed the actions. What a fabulous effort made by everyone.


On Friday, everyone, including staff wore their most Christmasy jumper - how colourful!



This week Year 4 have been busy looking at shape and symmetry in Maths, including the different triangles; Equivalent, Scalene and Isosceles. We have also looked at quadrilaterals and parallel lines. 


In English we have been looking at newspapers and the features they include. We looked at the 5 W's - when, where, who, what and why when writing a newspaper article. During R.E. the children have been learning about Hannukah, we made a 'Happy Hannukah' card and a Drydel to play in pairs. 


During Topic, the children carried out two experiments; one with a candle, tin foil and cold water to observe the process of the water cycle and a cress experiment to observe the process of evaporation and condensation. 




This week Year 4 began their pedestrian training on Monday and Tuesday. We were very lucky to have a presentation in the hall to make us all aware of what was expected when we were crossing the roads. 

Year 4 went out in groups of 4-6 with the road safety ladies from East Riding Council, after completing the training, all children received a certificate and a fluorescent badge for their efforts whilst outside. 


During maths we have been looking at fractions and decimals. In English we continued looking at the Water Cycle and completed our Big Write- we had to imagine we were a water droplet going on a journey in our dream- a brilliant effort made by all. 


Year 4 have been practising their Christmas songs and poems for their church visit. During topic, we carried out a science experiment to separate mixtures of solid and liquids. We had to select the correct equipment and work as a team to complete the challenge! 


On Friday this week, it is the last week of swimming lessons - what a super 10 weeks the children have had moving up different stages! We are lucky to have the Tigers Trust come and visit the school on Friday afternoon for special football sessions. 



This week our focus has been Anti-Bullying week. We have had class discussions and assemblies about anti-bullying and about what is not expected in school. Some brilliant anti-bullying posters have been made to promote positive relationships!


During English, Year 4 have been making information posters about the Water Cycle on the computers. During Topic, the children carried out an experiment using different temperatures of water to melt chocolate, they had to use a timer to see how long it took for the chocolate to melt.  Year 4 had to consider the variables to ensure a fair test!


During Maths, Year 4 have been looking at fractions and different division methods.



On Monday morning, Mr Smith, from Water Aid/Yorkshire Water gave us an informative talk about the important work they are doing in less developed countries. The children actively listened and some excellent questions were asked.

Year 4 have learnt the 'chunking' method in Maths to help them with their division. In English, we have made posters to show PALL for explanation texts and have been looking at Fact and Opinion. We have been learning to retrieve and record information from non-fiction texts, we have been into the ICT suite to take notes about the Water Cycle.

In Topic we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases; we played a game in the hall about particles and looked at changing state through melting icecubes.


In French we played a game called 'un, deux, trois soliel!' which was very similar to the English game of 'What time is it Mr Wolf?'. Tous bien fait!

During PSHCE we discussed the qualities needed to make an excellent friend, with this information the children made a recipe for friendship. Examples included: 50g of smiles, 100g of love, 1 cup full of kindness and 1 bucket full of loyalty!


Friday 13th November - Children In Need.
Today the whole school wore non-uniform, children came dressed up as superhero or in spots with a small donation towards the charity. The day was filled with Children In Need activities and many fantastic looking buns! A fabulous effort made by everyone!

Autumn Term 2 - 02.11.15-06.11.15


Year 4 have returned with such an enthusiastic approach to their new topic - 'Flushed Away'.

What a way to begin the first week back with Maths Mission Day, a day full of maths activities linked to our topic. We calculated what fraction of a litre we needed to make a magic potion,  used a computer to create a bar graph to show our water usage and became water detectives to figure out water-saving tips!


On Tuesday, the whole school dressed up as scientists. What a brilliant effort made by everyone! Activities included: Making a toilet that could be used in a less-developed country, hygiene posters and board games informing others of the importance of toilet hygiene.


KS2 were very lucky to have a visitor take the assembly on Wednesday 4th November, singing an upbeat song about God. It sounded brilliant!





Come take a look at our wonderful homework from year 3!

12.10.15 - 16.10.15

This week Year 4 have been busy with map reading in Topic and began looking at non-chronological reports in English. On Tuesday it was Year three and four's Harvest assembly which was performed to parents. What a brilliant job they did, even with a few technical glitches!

In French we looked at a family tree and had to create our own, writing in french the correct family members. The Guided Reading carousel worked well in each classroom, working in short bursts on comprehension, reciprocal reading, independent reading, reading journals and on the computers with Reading Eggs.

Children are showing great improvement in their swimming lessons and seem to really enjoy the sessions!


This week Year 4 have been busy with their 'Big Write' based on a mountain rescue.

3/4HR were hot seating, pretending they were interviewing the onlookers, the pilot of the helicopter and the injured. 4LW were dressing up as skiiers, talking about the different clothing and equipment you would need for the Alps.


Wednesday 7th October was 'No Pens Day', different activities were undertaken throughout the school, hot seating and role play.

4KB have been drawing on their tables during maths to understand their subtraction, using a number line. This week has also consisted of map reading, harvest assembly rehersal and conversation starters in french! What a busy week!

28.09.15 - 02.10.15
This week Year 4 have been busy with more persuasive writing in English, some challenging code-breaking in Maths, Tag rugby with Mr Thompson and have made a start with Harvest activities ready for their Harvest assembly! What a busy week!


4KB had a debate in class, with special guests, Mrs Whitehead and The Chair of Govenors John Woodruff. The children shared their opinions on why they should or shouldn't go on a school trip to the Alps. Both sides presented convincing arguments in front of our visitors.

21.09.15-25.09.15 This week Year 4 have been busy with a variety of activities: persuasive writing, Roman numerals, greeting each other in french, a trip to the church to talk to Reverend Kissack about Christianity and a whole school Roald Dahl Day. What a fantastic effort made by everyone!


Amelia King got awarded best dressed in 4KB!

25.09.15 - Here are a few photos of some Year 4 children dressed up for Roald Dahl Day! What a brilliant effort!

25.09.15 - A trip to the church to ask Reverend Kissack all about Christianity


Year 3 Dalby Forest trip


We visited Dalby Forest this week in year 3 and what a lovely day it was. The sun was shining, ready for our action packed day of orienteering and den building.

14.09.15 Maths Mission Day


Year 3 took part in the whole school maths mission day, completing Alp related activities. What a fantastic day it was!

From activities such as, shopping for an Alp Expedition to ordering the mountains by their height it really was a day enjoyed by all!




Year 3 had a wonderful afternoon outside on the field with Mr Thompson. We played lots of different games, including a game of tag rugby.

Dalby Forest Trip


This week, Year 3 and 4 have been lucky enough to take a trip to Dalby Forest, taking part in two activities- Shelter building and orienteering!


Adam Collier (4LW) "It was the best day ever!"



More photos to follow...

Welcome Year 3!

What a fantastic first week for year 3! They have been busy finding out some facts about the 'Amazing Alps' for their new Geography topic.


They have made papier-mâché mountains, beautiful mountain range collages and also went exploring in the forest school.




What a Wonderful World: An Expedition to the Alps.


What a fantastic start Year 4 have made to the academic year!


Over the past week, Year 4 have created some wonderful papier-mâché mountains, collage mountain ranges and taken den building by storm!


Monday 14th September was our Maths Mission Day - a day filled with 'The Alps' related maths activities and games. 


Emily Watson  " I think it is the best geography topic I've done."

Rosie Duckworth " I'm enjoying it a lot, it's so much fun and very creative!"