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Year 5

Year 5 Lions Roar 21 Competition Entry

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We were lucky enough to be visited by Mrs Kamlesh Singh. A practicing Sikh from a Gurdwara in Hull. She came to talk to us about being a Sikh in the modern world and what are some of the things that she practices.  We were then lucky enough to do some bollywood dancing from a very popular Indian film.

Year 5 Bollywood Dancing

One of our Design and Technology topics was to build and design a marble run. We researched different ways to make a marble travel and move around a run. We then looked at how to build a see saw and an effective curve. 

The children really got into this challenge and built some really interesting looking marble runs. Thank you for all your donations of cardboard - it really helped.

Year 5 DT Marble Run Building

Year 5 Shakespeare Performances

As part of our RE topic this year we compared two of the 6 world relgions. We looked at Christianity and Sikhism. We had a practising Sikh come to visit us and then we had Rev'd Tina come to visit Year 5. We discussed celebrations and festivals and some of the things that practising Christians did every day. The children were fascinated and asked lots and lots of questions (perhaps too many questions). It was really informative and fun. 

Thanks Rev'd Tina

Year 5 Rev'd Tina Visit

Year 5 Sam Copeland Author Talk

Year 5 DT Construction Challenge

To celebrate Science and Pioneer Day - the children took part in a number of different experiments. We tried to make invisible ink with lemon juice in honour of the code breakers throughout history who found many clever ways to send coded messages - admittedly this was harder than we thought it would be. 


We looked at the invention of kevlar. This translated into how to protect an egg best when dropped from a very high height. 


Finally, the children had to try and defrost a frozen man. As you can see from the pictures below. The children really enjoyed it.



Year 5 Science Ice Challenge

Year 5 Lions Roar 21 Competition Designs

Year 5 Tigers Trust