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Teaching Staff/Class Organisation








  • Mrs L. Midgley
  • Mrs S. Billam
  • Mrs C. Foster (EYFS Leader)

Year 1

  • Mrs S. Jennings (Year 1 Leader - Maternity Leave)
  • Mrs A. Rotherham
  • Mrs K. Ripley 
  • Mrs L. Wortley
  • Mrs K. Ludlam
Year 2


  • Mrs K. Beaumont (Year 2 Leader)
  • Mrs J. Keenan (Year 2 Leader)
  • Miss J. Cox
  • Miss M. Thompson



Year 3



  • Mrs A.Worsley (Year 3 Leader)
  • Mrs J. Keenan


Year 4


  • (Mrs A. Whitehead - Year 4 Leader)
  • Mrs M. Simmonite
  • Miss H. Reed/Mrs S.Close


Year 5


  • Miss H. Garforth (Year 5 Leader)
  • Mr C. White
  • Mrs L. Joy


Year 6


  • Miss N. Field  (Year 6 Leader)
  • Mrs L. Taylor / Mrs J. Keenan
  • Miss S. Parcell


SEND Intervention
  • Mrs S. Jennings (Maternity Leave)
  • Mrs L. Wiles & Miss M. Thompson


PPA Teachers:

Mrs Burton – KS2 Music

Mrs Smith - KS2 Computing





Subject/Aspect Leader
Curriculum (All subjects/aspects) Mrs. J. Haigh

Mrs. A. Whitehead/Mrs. A. Worsley

Mrs. S. Smith (Data Manager)


Mrs. K. Beaumont

Mrs. L. Taylor, Mrs K. Ripley & Mrs A. Rotherham supporting.

Maths Mrs. J. Haigh
SENDCO Mrs. J. Keenan
SEND Intervention Mrs. S. Jennings
EYFS Mrs L. Midgley
Pupil Premium Intervention Miss N. Field

Mrs. K. Ludlam & Miss H. Garforth


Phonics Mrs. L. Wortley
Geography & History Mrs. J. Bottery
Creative (Art/DT) Miss L. Joy
Music Mrs. H. Burton
MFL Mrs. K. Ripley
ICT/Website/E-safety Mrs. S. Smith
P.E Miss J. Cox and Miss H. Reed
RE, PSHCE, SMSC, British Values Mrs. S. Billam
Aspect Leader

Community Cohesion & Press Officer

Mrs. L. Wiles

CPD (Continuing Professional Development


Mrs. J. Haigh

More Able

(Gifted & Talented)

EVC & Outdoor Learning

Miss S. Parcell

Pupil/Parent Voice/Engagement

School Council

Performing Arts

Miss M. Thompson

Staff Support Mentor

NQT/Student Mentor

Mrs. C. Foster