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02. 06. 20

Today’s extra challenge is . . . to become designers! You are going to design placemats and plates ready for your Mr Grinling picnic on Friday.


Step 1. Decide the theme for your placement and plates

Step 2. On the internet research your theme and look for different ideas / images you might want to use

Step 3. Divide an A4 sheet of paper into 2 halves - label one side plate and the other side placement

Step 4. Do a sketch like design draft of your placemat in the side you’ve labelled placemat **think really carefully about your designs, use what you found in your research to help you**

Step 5. Do the same for the plate side too

Step 6. Using A4 paper - copy your draft placemat design onto the A4 piece turning it into your placement  

Step 7. Using a paper plate (or a piece of paper cut into a circle) - copy your draft plate design onto it turning this into your picnic plate.

(You may wish to do one for each member of your family coming to your picnic)