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Learning Morning Parent Feedback

'Let's Learn Together'


" Absolutely loved it! My child was proud to show me what she was doing "


" We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the 'Learn Together' session "


" It would have been even better if we could have stayed for the whole morning "


" It was great "


" I found it really difficult - I've more than one child. I would have liked the session to be longer so I could get round all my children - I didn't get chance to meet my older children "


Approximately 70 families attended the morning session where parents/ carers and siblings joined children in their classes to participate in a variety of maths, reading and phonics activities. Feedback received from parents was very positive with all those who responded to our questionnaires saying that they had enjoyed the event and would like to attend similar events in the future. Specific events for maths, spelling, handwriting and grammar and punctuation were also requested. Many parents who responded said that they would prefer sessions with children to be at the beginning or the end of the day to tie in with drop off/pick up times so we will bare this in mind.