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Our PE is led by Mrs J Robinson and Miss H Goodwin.




At HCPS we are passionate about ensuring all children have access to high quality PE lessons and provision. We intend to give all children an equal opportunity to develop their physical abilities as well as learning important life skills. We would like all children to be able to be physically active for a sustained period of time and have positive attitudes towards leading a healthy lifestyle. Through this, we will promote long term health and emotional well-being which we believe to be extremely important. Children will be encouraged to take part in healthy competition which will instill the life-long values of respect, fairness, resilience, co-operation and will also build character and confidence.




  • Each class has a minimum of 2 hours per week dedicated to their physical development. One PE lesson a week is taught by the class teacher or a qualified coach and the rest of that time is incorporated into our week through active and outdoor learning.
  • We recognise that our PE lessons need to be both challenging and enjoyable in order for children to achieve; we ensure that this is being implemented by monitoring lessons and making sure that staff feel appropriately trained to deliver high quality teaching and learning in PE.
  • By implementing our long term plan we ensure that there is a clear progression of skills throughout each child’s journey through school. PE Hub is used to organise our long term plan and to support the teaching of PE with a wide variety of resources and ideas.
  • We also use Real PE as a further resource for teachers to ensure that they are implementing all skills across the PE curriculum.
  • Children’s PE experiences are enriched by the expertise of coaches who come into school regularly to inspire the children and work on sport specific skills.
  • In order to embed those life-long values which we deem to be so important, we offer the children various opportunities to take part in inter-school competitions within our school cluster. These occur regularly across the school calendar and across a wide range of sports so there will be an opportunity for everyone to compete in something that they enjoy.
  • In order to further implement the emotional wellbeing and life skills that PE can instill, we invite children to apply to be Sports Leaders for the school. These children develop into sporting role-models and assist with various sporting events across the year.
  • We follow the guidelines set by the national curriculum to ensure we offer a range of PE activities that allow each child to feel challenged and offer opportunities to progress further.
  • Swimming lessons take place over 10 weeks at Hornsea Leisure Centre. These usually take place when the children are in Year 3.
  • We aim to offer a range of different after school clubs to give the children opportunities to experience a variety of sports.




Through our challenging and enjoyable PE lessons, the children of HCPS are well-equipped with the necessary skills and positive attitudes to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. They are motivated to participate in a wide variety of sports and possess the resilience, confidence and respect to do so. We aim to meet the expectations of each year group of the National Curriculum in PE in order for each child to make good progress across their time in school.