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RE - Spring Term

Whole School RE Day 02.02.18

   The whole school had fun investigating Hinduism and celebrating through artwork, the Hindu festival of Holi.  Holi is a Hindu Spring festival full of colour, singing and dancing. Celebrations start with a Holika bonfire the night before. On the morning of Holi, the fun begins and men,women,boys and girls, chase each other around with dry paint or coloured water. Everywhere is a riot of colour and colourful people, followed by visits to family and friends for singing and dancing and Holi delicacies.

   EYFS drew Rangoli patterns on the computer and made colourful collage elephants. Year 1 designed some amazing "Happy Holi " greeting cards. Year 2 constructed collage bonfires, made splatter paintings and decorated elephants. Year 3 used Hindu designs to colour elephants. Each child in each Year 4 class had a section of elephant to colour in using Rangoli patterns; to be later joined together as giant ceremonial elephants!  Year 5 enjoyed using paints, pastels and felt tips to emulate a "Holi" painting by a Hindu artist.