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Cross Country - 04.10.22


Miss Goodwin and Mrs Robinson were extremely proud of all the children who took part in the Cross Country event at Secondary School! The weather did not make it easy for them but they all joined in with enthusiasm and tried their best!


We have had enough children qualify for 3 teams for the final in Cottingham! Which is fantastic news! 

Year 5 and 6 Football Competition - 27.09.22


Miss Goodwin and Mr Hutson supervised the children during a Year 5/6 Football Competition held at the 3G pitch. This was against other children within the School Sports Partnership. They were very impressed by their behaviour and resilience during the matches as they all had to play every match! They didn't win the tournament but should be really proud of themselves!

Cross Country


The sun shone yesterday and the children had a wonderful time taking part in the Cross Country competition as part of our 'Keep Fit' Comic Relief theme this year.


Thank you for your continued support

Intra Competitions


This term all children within school should get an opportunity to take part in an intra school competition. This means competing within our own school community. Ordinarily, we would have a combination of these intra competitions and inter (between different schools) competitions. However, due to Coronavirus restrictions this is not always possible. At HCPS we do still firmly believe in the importance of competition within our PE curriculum and the key values that come with it such as respect, resilience, teamwork, self-esteem and so many more! Hopefully soon we will be able to resume our inter-school competitions but in the meantime, here are our upcoming intra activities!



Year 2 Boccia 03.02.22

This week Year 2 enjoyed exploring a new sport. We watched videos of Boccia at the Paralympics and then had a go at a mini competition. Well done to the winning team in each class! It was a close call but the children showed great sportsmanship by cheering each other on! 


Year 5 Benchball

Year 5 had great fun competing against each other in a Benchball competition, which saw a team from 5JP take the win!!


11.01.22 + 18.01.22 - Over the course of 2 weeks Year 6 battled it out to find the top benchball team in their year group. They started  off competing within their classes and then the top teams competed against each other to find the overall winners. The winning team was in.... Miss Parcell's class!