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28. 04. 20

Challenge Tuesday (28.04.20)

Today’s extra little challenge is to become a game designer.

Your task is to design a new ‘Maths Game’.

Step 1. Design the board (I’ve attached a helpful image), and colour it in.

Step 2. Question Cards - you could do this in 3 different way.  

- Create some question cards that are colour coded to each step on your board

- You might wish for the questions to be written directly on the board

- You might want to add exclamation marks and question marks randomly onto the board as a ‘community chest’ type option with the stack of cards in the middle.

Step 3. Make counters for the amount of players allowed to play

Step 4. Write out the rules on the back of the game board

Step 5. Play the game with your family

Step 6 (extra). You may wish to create/design a box or bag to keep your game in.