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Week Beginning 11/05/2020


Good Morning Year 5 (especially the splendid children of 5JP), we hope you had a lovely long weekend and are now ready for more work and challenges.
Your challenges for today are:
  1. Bird Watching.
    Spend time in the garden or looking outside a window and see how many different birds you can spot. There are bird spotting sheets in the Year 5 section of Home Learning on the school website that will help you know what you have seen. Check it out.
  2. Bar Charts.
    Create a bar chart that documents how many of each different bird you have seen. Remember to label the X and Y axis.
  3. It's description time.
    Choose a type of bird and describe it. It doesn't have to be a bird species that you have seen in your garden - any type of bird is fine.
  4. Spellings.
    Your spellings for this week are on the school website. Remember to look, cover, write, check.
  5. Everybody Loves Puppets!
    Use a sock (clean socks please - not one of Mrs Worsley's smelly ones) and turn it into a puppet. Remember to comment below with photos, videos and descriptions of what you've done.

    Have a smashing day!
Mr Patterson, Mr Worsley, Mrs Joy

VE Day pictures for Wednesday's English work


Good Morning Year 5,

Is it really Wednesday already??  Hope you are all keeping well and busy, busy, busy!

No?  Ah well, we’d best give you some more challenges:



Either – write a description about how you might have celebrated V.E. day back in 1945 or how you and your family may have celebrated it last Friday.  Which would you have preferred to be present at?  Why?


Position and Movement – Describing Translations and Movements.
Complete Worksheets 2 and 3 in your MNP Workbooks (pages 79 – 83).  Remember first though to take a look at the Textbook (pages 127 – 136, see Parent Guides and if you do not yet have access to these then go to - for information).
Why not also complete your Big Math Beat That Tests online – make sure you have practiced first.


Create your very own Housebound Treasure Hunt
Create a map of your home and hide small items around it. Mark each piece of hidden treasure on the map. Show the map to someone else in your family and see if they can find your treasure.  You could even come up with your own cryptic questions to send family member on a great search.  Remember to send lots of photos.


Following on from your bird work on Monday – have a go at drawing one of these beautiful creatures using this video
or if you fancy a little bit of Walt Disney why not try and draw Donald Duck – see the video


Play a game of Charades
Charades is a game of pantomimes: you have to "act out" a phrase without speaking, while the other members of your team try to guess what the phrase is. The objective is for your team to guess the phrase as quickly as possible.  See sheet attached for rules and ideas.
Have fun and absolutely……. no arguing!

Remember if you want more – take a look on the school website:


Mr Worsley, Mrs Joy & Mr Patterson

How to Play Charades

Friday - 15.05.20


Hello everybody! Its Friday, hurray!! Here are some Friday challenges for you.

All the challenges are based around building a den.

1. Build a den.

All humans like to feel warm and cosy, and have somewhere special to go and feel safe. Building a den is a good way to do this. Look at the picture for three easy suggestions to make different styles of dens. You could take some of your special things inside the den, such a favourite book, a cuddly toy, or even a member of your family!


2. English- Write a short paragraph whilst inside your den. What do you feel inspired to write. Are you in a witches den, or a den of a wild animal for example. Let your imagination run away with you. Alternatively, you might want to write a feelings poem, or a letter to a friend. Just enjoy writing in a different place.


3. Maths- Have a go at this weeks BBC Maths Bitesize maths challenges, question 4, 5 and 6.

Here they are.

Challenge 4

Ten trees are planted in a row.

The trees are spaced out equally.

The distance between the fourth and sixth tree is 8 metres.

What is the distance between the first and last tree?

Challenge 5

Filip has these five digit cards.

He uses all of the cards to make a three-digit number and a two-digit number.

He multiplies the two numbers together and the answer is 15,741 .

What are the two numbers Filip makes?

Challenge 6

Here are two identical rectangles.

The length of each rectangle is double its width.

Work out the coordinates of point C.

Here is a link to the answers.


4. Art- Have a go at some water painting. All you need is a small pot of water a small paint brush and a flat surface outside, but how quickly can you work before it dries up. Can you paint a face, an animal, a tree, or a flower?


5. Well being- Lay in your den and have a listen to al the sounds that you can hear. You will be amazed at how many you can hear when you just listen!

Read the poem The Sound Collector.



The Sound Collector

A stranger came this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound into a bag

And carried them away

The whistling of the kettle

The turning of the lock

The purring of the kitten

The ticking of the clock

The popping of the toaster

The crunching of the flakes

When you spread the marmalade

The scraping noise it makes

The hissing of the frying-pan

The ticking of the grill

The bubbling of the bathtub

As it starts to fill

The drumming of the raindrops

On the window-pane

When you do the washing-up

The gurgle of the drain

The crying of the baby

The squeaking of the chair

The swishing of the curtain

The creaking of the stair

A stranger called this morning

He didn’t leave his name

Left us only silence

Life will never be the same.

by Roger McGough

And just listen…and think!

Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs Joy, Mrs Worsely and Mr Patterson.

Den Building