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Mini Beasts, Flowers and Summer Colours


Mini Beasts - Try this lesson from the world famous Art Gallery in London, called "TheTate Modern". Using Henry Matisse's work, "The Snail", for inspiration, they have designed a lesson in collage, especially for you.

If you would prefer flowers for your creative inspiration, please look carefully at the image below.  It is called "Sunflowers" by Vincent Van Gogh.  It hangs in the National Gallery in London.  If you find that Van Gogh's painting is to your liking, you can also browse some of his other works.

Now if you are thinking, Van Gogh's Sunflowers, do not look exactly like those that I have seen growing in gardens .... that is because he was an "Impressionist" painter.  It is not an exact copy of the real object, but you can still tell that it is a Sunflower.

If you wish to paint in the style of the Impressionist Grand Masters, look at any flowers you wish to paint, by scrunching up your eyes, whilst looking at them.  

Now you are ready to paint in the Impressionist style!  As ever, please share your work.  Perhaps your adult would like to indulge and share too!