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Pirates, Mermaids and The Beach

There is are a number of things to choose from this week.

Calling all Mermaids

Send a message in a bottle to your  favourite Mermaid, inviting her to come to Hornsea Beach for a picnic with you. You will have to to tell her when the picnic is and what is on the menu.  On the other side of the paper, draw yourself as a Mermaid, then she knows who she is looking for.  Don't forget to put a label on the bottle, saying who it is for and where they live.  Please send a video of you reading your invitation prior to setting it out to sea, in your very best Mermaid costume and accessories!

All Mermaids posting, will receive a Certificate.


Calling all Pirates!

 Please carry out some research into the real life Pirate nicknamed "Blackbeard."

What was his real name?

What was his Ship called?


What did he put in his ears before boarding other ships?


When you have answered these questions me hearties, can you find an image of him and draw him?  All pictures posted of Pirates holding their pictures, will receive a Research Certificate.


Explore Ceebeebies "Swashbuckle" site.  Listen to a Pirate story from "Sea Weed Radio."