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Maths Let's Learn Together sessions

In our Maths Let's Learn Together sessions, parents, grandparents, sibling and carers are invited into school to complete Maths activities with the children.


Some of the wonderful feedback is below:

"It was great, lovely seeing my child and spending time here. Nice to see the children joining in and having fun."


"We enjoyed making and launching the rockets."


"It was very good and interesting."


"We enjoyed looking at the compass directions on the treasure map."


"Really enjoy coming in the classroom and seeing their work and learning a bit more about their topics. It's so good that if happens regularly and the activities are fun. Always impressed with the behaviour in class and around the school."


"Really enjoyable to join in with the children. Especially the paper airplanes!"


"It's so lovely being able to come back into school and see how much the children love school and the teachers"


"I really enjoyed coming in and experiencing time with my child in her learning environment. The activities were fun and playful - a great way to learn."


"Fantastic morning, lovely to see children learning in their class, we had lots of fun!"


"Enjoyable, interactive session which all of the children seemed to enjoy (particularly the water activity!) Always lovely to see the children in their classroom environment."


"We enjoyed doing the activities together, it's nice to come in and see what they are doing!"


"Maths morning was fantastic! We had great fun building and launching rockets"


"The morning was really interesting and informative. I enjoyed the rocket experiment and I wish I had done this at school when I was younger!"