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Do you remember...




  • One of my favourite things to wear is my big fluffy dressing gown. Draw a picture of your dream dressing gown, maybe it's got special features like wings or a dragon tail. Use your imagination!
  • Everyone knows the best accessory for a dressing gown is a crown! Design and make a crown fit for a king or queen!


Have you ever seen a cute baby owl? If anyone feels up to a phonics challenge, can you write a short caption or sentence for this picture? If that sounds a bit tricky, sound out the word "ow-l" verbally and maybe build the word using ready made letter cards instead.


However you choose to practise your sounds, don't forget to show us pictures and videos over on the Facebook page. We love to see them!

Can you remember this sound...




  • Can you read a story just by the light of your torch?
  • Can you find something in your bedroom that is shorter than you?
  • Have you ever seen a storm through your bedroom window? What might it look like? Draw a picture of a storm.