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Week Beginning 13/07/20

Year 5
Our last Friday challenges before the holidays. Don’t worry you will be sent Summer super 7 which are activities your teachers have put together. These will be fun activities for you to complete during the summer holidays. I need to say a big thank you for joining in with your face book challenges and your home learning tasks. Your teachers and myself hope that you have an awesome summer and you will come back in September as amazing Year 6! Hornsea Worsley Hornsea and Hornsea Patterson
Here are your last challenges of this school year
1. Create an acrostic poem I've created one using one of my favourite songs Heather Small-Proud Remember adults that you will need to skip any ads
Please enjoy your Summer holidays you have filled my heart with pride.
Remember your amazing and will come back in September as our awesome year 6!
Our paths will cross again really soon so please come and say hello
Until I see you again have a magical holiday
Dear year 5 you have been an amazing year group but it is now time to move on so give yourself a cheer!
2. Why don’t you listen to the high school musical song that Mrs Burton added at the start of the week! Can you create your own dance routine-'Were all in this together'
3. If you have made a card poster or short video then you could add these here and I will tag your teachers in so that they get these
4. Celebrate with your family why don’t you make a yummy cake and make a few sandwiches and have a celebration tea party a victoria sponge is one of my favourite.
5. Create a time capsule to save or bury somewhere that you will remember. Although the last few month shave been difficult think about the time before and remember the important times that you have had this year with your friends and your teachers.

Happy Wednesday to the awesome year 5! Can you believe we are half way through our last week and you are soon to be year 6. Your teachers and I am so proud of how hard you have been working.

Here are your mid week challenges

  1. Complete an end of year scrapbook to save your memories something for you to look back on and remember your favourite subjects, friends and trips
  2.   Play the kahoot general knowledge quiz  Game PIN: 06519018
  3. Fun maths end of year challenges e/t2-m-41410-year-5-summer-themed-end-of-year-maths-activity-booklet
  4. Origami time I know that you have been enjoying our origami so here are a few more:  Dog  Heart  fortune teller

5.Check out these fun websites to play English and maths games and don’t forget the old school games of monopoly, connect 4 and my favourite card games! games


Happy last week face book challenges to the awesome year 5!

Remember to post your work so your teachers can see how amazing you all are!

Friday riddle time answers

What has to be broken before you can use it? An egg

What has hands but doesn’t clap? A Clock

What is full of holes but still holds water? A sponge

1.Our final face book cooking challenge before we break up for the Summer holidays so enjoy!

You can choose one from this amazing site but I suggest cornflake tart yummy!

2.James Cook FRS (7 November 1728 – 14 February 1779) was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the British Royal Navy. He is an important person to research I have also downloaded this into your topic file.

3.Magic maths challenge The mystery of the missing treasure

4. Let’s get creative! As you have been researching sea animals I thought it would be nice to make a sea themed mosaic picture.

5. Be a scientist and grow your own rainbow!