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Year 5 and 6 Anti-bullying Raps


This term all Year 5 and 6 children have learnt about hip hop and other types of rap music. They learnt a grime rap called 'Stop' about anti-bullying. They studied the techniques involved in rap music, including beatboxing, assonance and similes, and wrote their own rhyming couplets with messages about anti-bullying. Following this, these rhyming couplets were put together and made into class raps. The children then performed them together in their classes, to a rap backing track.

Year 3 and 4 Three Little Birds


Due to Covid restrictions, children could not do their usual music making, involving singing and sharing instruments in the Music Room. Year 3 and 4 were given the activity of writing their own songs based on the Bob Marley song 'Three Little Birds', featuring the message 'don't worry about a thing'.