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See below for weekly English writing challenges plus any additional resources you may need

 Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Good Morning !  Hope you are all well and staying safe.  I have added a few tasks for this week . Wherever possible I have tried not to ask you to do anything that needs the use of a printer. Just look and if you really need to, copy down the task-that will also help you to think about the task you have been set. Resources will be below.


  Story Whizz Activity       The ????? 

You decide the title of the piece-suggestion try doing this at the end once you have seen what you produce.

a)Look at the photograph-look for at least two minutes without writing.

b)Use your senses to help-see,touch,taste,hear and even taste!

c)Sentences are not needed -yet.....

d)Jot down whatever comes into your head give yourselves a set number of minutes five maybe; one word,short phrases .   Just let it flow out.  You could ask a grown up to scribe for you so your creative juices can flow.

e) From you list underline your favourite words/phrases.  There finished !

Good job ! Save this work for another day.



  Use your Spellings

a)  Write them forwards then write them out backwards(letters are normal)

e.g gold dolg  gold.

b) Choose your favourite spelling for this week- which word do you like the most? Write it down.  Now use your senses What does it smell of? Feel like?  You will be amazed at your the spelling poem you create.  Try this with other spellings too.



Magic Lists

I love writing lists-I have books and books filled with my daily lists, It might be the jobs I need to do , lists of books I would like to read, places I would like to go and why.  Lists are magical because when I go back to them they instantly remind me of where I was when I wrote, them how I felt and even why I wrote them.

a)So you decide the subject of your list:-

Favourite cakes, toys,animals , jobs in the house you can do ,absolutely anything -your list. You can ask someone to help .

b) Title  My list of________  Date please.

c) Put that list away.  Remember where as you will need again maybe next week!



Wild Imagination

You can go anywhere in the world and do anything you like for a day. Jot down your thoughts and use to write your piece, could be a poem if you like.

 a)Think -could you fly like a bird and land in your place - what do you see(close your eyes and imagine). Get someone to help you write if you need to so that your creative juices can flow!

b) Where,what,when why,how- these might help you or use your senses .

c)  How do you get back how do you feel - try not to just say happy or sad tell yourself why.

d) Once you have written your piece you can illustrate it.


Monday 8th June 2020.

Well I cannot believe that a week has whizzed by so quickly .  How did you get on with the work from last week?  If you are here and you did not manage to do the work from last week, go back and do Lego work and the Write a List as you will need them for this week.

Lego Photo

1.  Look at the words and phrases that you produced from the Lego picture.  Re-read them and imagine the story that might happen.  Using a ruler mark divide you page into 3 and title Beginning,Middle,End.  Pop ideas ,words and phrases into the blocks.  Add more phrases and words.  Save this for next week.


2. List Magic.

Remember those lists that you made-go back and make, (see last week) well you are going to make a wordsearch with them.  Draw a grid 12x12  sizing is up to you.  You need to have room to write your words underneath.  Look at your longest word -make sure you can fit it in forwards,backwards,sideways,diagonally .  Then fit all your other words in sometimes I like to put secret words in that are not on the list and see if anyone can find them- e.g if my word search is about weather I might put in clothes words to fill the gaps once I have put in the first real list.  This helps to fill up the grid.  Use capital letters not lower case .


3.  The Alphabet Write.

Write A-Z down the page



C  down to Z.

Get your grown up to give you a category- food, shops,towns,countries ,Harry Potter anything really.  Then start filling in eg Food Apple, Banana,Crisps .  Try to fill in without any help.  If you need to  get help write these in a different colour- this will help your visual memory for next time.....


4.  What Did You Eat?

Write down or draw all the food you ate last week.  You will need to think of all the meals and snacks you had!  How many different types of foods did you remember?  Get your adult to check -I wonder if they can remember any that you forgot!


5. What's in a Name?

Write down your full name.  Look at the letters in your name ,see how many words you can make using only these letters.

Then write the sub-headings

One-letter words   Two-letter Words Three -letter words  Four-Letter words Five-or-more-letter words.

Underneath each sub heading sort your words.  Which sub heading has the most words in?

Use this list to create some sentences.


Well done !

Monday 15th June 2020-Friday 19th June 2020.

Here are a few English tasks to keep you busy for the next week. If you run out of things to do think of some tasks you could send me to do!


1.  Tell Me Why 

A cat is climbing quickly up  a tree.  Give five creative and imaginative reasons why the cat is climbing the tree.  Once you have written them check to see if you can edit it to make it even more creative.    Remember I still want to see some capital letters and pieces of punctuation in the correct place.



2.  Tell Me Why Part 2


This time a dog is digging a hole in the ground.  Give five creative and imaginative reasons why the dog is digging a hole.  Did you remember to check your punctuation and capital letters?  This time read them out loud ,to yourself or an adult, can you hear where you   need to alter your work to improve it?  


3.Different Words ,Same Meaning.

For each of the following words write down as many words that have the same meaning- these have a posh name synonyms,

big         little             happy            sad              bad             good      hot   cold


It is up to you how you set your work out.  



4.  Synonym Sentences

Write six sentences using the original list big,little.happy etc;

Re- write them using any of the synonyms you wrote down  .  Which sentence is more interesting.  Can you extend and improve your sentences further-the words you write should help you build a picture in your mind.



5. Last week you wrote an A-Z list -you chose the subject.  With that list please could you write a story.  Make it as imaginative as you can and use different colours to underline the words that you have used from your list. ** Extra challenge alert can you do it in the order that you wrote your list !



Monday 22nd June 2020

Hope you had a good weekend and your brain has a relaxing break.  Get ready to warm your brains to work through new week of English tasks!

1.  Go back  to the Lego work that you did a 'beginning, middle and end ' for.  First re-read it.  Any good or do you think you need to alter it.  When you are satisfied write your story-make it as interesting as possible.  You are trying to build a picture in the reader's mind.  Stuff it full of adjectives, verbs and nouns.

Good luck!


2. This is a tough writing task - swing your arms and shake your hands before attempting this one!


Set the timer for 3 minutes.  You are now going to write ,without stopping for the whole of the thre minutes .  You are not allowed to stop writing.  You are allowed to write :-

I do not know what to write now  once if you get stuck and no words come down your arm from your brain.

My advice just start writing about the first thing that pops into your head.  At the end count up how many words you have written.


3. Extraterrestrial.

An alien landed on Earth.  The alien would like to find a place to live on earth.  You are the first person that the alien sees.

Write down five reasons why Hornsea  would be the best place for the alien to live.


4. Your alien friend is also a time-traveller.  Together you travel back to the Stone Age,you have been here before with Mr White,Mrs Wortley and Miss Cox.

Write down down five modern day inventions you would tell the Stone Age people about that you think would help them in their daily lives. Give the reasons why too.


5.  Need to Eat!

Your alien friend likes the toast that you gave them to try.  They want to take the recipe back with them so write the instructions on how to make a piece of toast.

Then give your instructions to your adult and see whether they can follow them.  This is not as easy as it sounds!

Monday 29th June 2020

Good Morning!


Task for Monday.

What is your Excuse?

You have not done any work for a week.  Write down TEN  good excuses as to why you have not managed to complete the work .  Your teachers may be kind and let you off ,just this once, if you can think of some imaginative reasons to tell them.


Task For Tuesday.

This is a self-editing task.  Look at all or some of the work you have done so far.  This is the time for honesty-have you got capital letters in the correct place?  What about your punctuation?  Just like you would if you were in school go through and check.  If you have been a superstar and already got everything in the right place ask a grown up to write you a few sentences with capital letters and punctuation missing.

If you are posting work,well done, you must check before you post. Please don't let your teachers see any sentences without capital letters at the beginning.


Task for Wednesday

Write a letter to a friend that you haven't seen since March.

Tell them what you have been doing, how you feel , what you are missing and what new things you have found out about your family and yourself.

Interesting  sentences will help your friend see the picture you are building.

You can draw pictures too if you like.


Task for Thursday.

 Description Time.

Think of five objects.  Write a description for each one but there is a catch.  You cannot name the object!  Your description must be so good that people can work it out. 

For example:-

It is juicy, red or green and grows on trees.  You can make it into a pie or juice.  They sometimes get creatures living in them which don't taste sweet! Your teacher might like one and they stop you from having to go to see a medical person.

Got it yet?


Task for Friday.

Simple but useful skill- find out the meaning of your spellings for this week.  Then create some imaginative sentences for each spelling word.  Don't forget those capital letters and pieces of punctuation.

Monday 6th July 2020

Hope you have managed to do some of the tasks from last week. 


Task for today.

Look at your spelling list for this week.  Look up in a dictionary and find the meanings .  Write them down next to each word.  You will need this tomorrow.


Tuesday Task.

Using the list you created,with the meaning, write a sentence for each of your spelling words.  Remember capital letters and punctuation.  No excuse for poor handwriting either.. 


Wednesday  Task.

How Does It Feel?

Write down as many words as you can that describe what you feel when you touch the following objects.  For every word that you write think of others that have meaning(synonyms).  For example if you write 'hot' you could also write 'warm, burning,scorching',etc.

1.The lead of a pencil.

2.A piece of paper.

3. The carpet.

4. A table top.

5. A toy.


Thursday Task

My Perfect Day.

Think before you write, jot down all the things you would like to happen on a perfect day. 

How are you going to structure your writing? Maybe start from waking up all the way to going to bed.

You can present this as a storyboard-picture and caption.

Or you might want to write an acrostic poem 













Friday Task

Invent a Machine

Design a machine for doing anything you like. -unwrapping sweets,picking up dirty washing, tidying your bedroom you think about a job that you would rather not do.

Draw and label your machine.

Then write the speech you would give to your grown ups as to why they would need to buy one.  Be as persuasive as possible .



Monday 13th July 2020

Hope you find these last few pieces of work useful.  It has certainly challenged my brain thinking up activities for you

Task for Monday

Find a picture,could be in a magazine,newspaper or one off a phone in your house.  Look carefully and then write some sentences describing the scene.  You need to be able to describe it so well that another person could try to recreate it through drawing it as  the description is that good.

Task for Tuesday

Read five different texts , newspaper, instructions, food packaging, book, gaming instructions .  It can be any sort you like so long as they are different types.

Write down what you notice about each type- you might want to jot down what you notice, verbs , technical language, short sentences, sorts of punctuation etc. Draw a table to record your findings.

Tell me which text extracts you used.

Which type of text do you prefer and  explain why this is.

Task for Wednesday

Sentence work today.  Look at your spelling and pick out at least half of your allotted number.  Use these spelling to write some ridiculous sentences.  Make them as fantastical as you like BUT you must use a capital at the beginning and for proper nouns.  There must be a form of punctuation at the end.

Task for Thursday.

Draw a grid 20x20 with a ruler. Create a  word search for a friend using your spellings and choose some holiday words to fit in too. Check the spelling of your holiday words are correct before you put them in. Write in capital letters in the grid this makes it look neater .

Finally Friday Task!

Look through all the pieces of English you have done over the last sixteen  weeks. Can you see any progress in your work?  Pick out your favourite piece.  Write down why you like it.  Could you improve it? Tell me how.  Give yourself a pat on the back!  Congratulations you have reached the last day of school.  Go and do something to  celebrate!




Week/c 18th May


Monday – Look at your spellings and check you understand the meaning. Write a sentence for each one (make it as interesting as you can. Try not to write just simple sentences!)


Tuesday – Today I want you to make something (that tomorrow you can write instructions on how to make). Make a list of everything you need/use and take photos of each stage to help you tomorrow.


Wednesday – Today you are going to write your instructions. Remember you have to include a ‘What you will need’ section using bullet points, numbered steps, imperative (bossy) verbs and adverbs. Be clear and concise. Remember, Martha (the alien from planet Zog!) needs to be able to read your instructions and follow them perfectly.


Thursday – Using your spellings, make your own wordsearch. Once completed, give to someone in your house to try and complete. How many can they find?


Friday – Choose a character from one of your favourite books and complete one of the character worksheets below. If you are unable to print it off, either create your own or just write about your character using as much detail as you can.

Week/c 11.05.20 – Famous Person Fact File

Objective: Write a non-narrative using simple organisational devices such as headings and sub-headings

As so many children enjoyed doing a fact file, I have planned for you to do another one this week


Monday – Plan – Choose a famous person you would like to find out more about. This could be anyone you are interested in. Mind-map questions or ideas about what you would like to find out to put in your fact file.


Tuesday – Research - Use the internet, books you have at home or programmes to research your chosen person. Make notes and try and answer all the questions you have written.


Wednesday – Write – Put together your research into ‘sections’ and write into full sentences. Make sure you have a sub-heading for each part. Check through your writing, have you got full stops, capital letters, correct spellings and do all your sentences make sense?


Thursday – Put together your fact file. You can write, cut and stick to create it, use the given template or use a computer to type it up. You could even make a PowerPoint presentation. Think about the layout to make it look as interesting as possible.


Friday – Write a book review. Choose one of the books you have read recently and complete a book review about it. Did you enjoy it? Why? What was your favourite part? What didn’t you like about it? Would you recommend it to a friend?

Week/c 04.05.20 – VE Day

Objectives – Prepare poems to read aloud and to perform, showing understanding through intonation, tone, volume and action


Monday – Read through the information PowerPoint about VE day and why this year is especially special. On Friday people have been asked to decorate their houses and hold a picnic in their front gardens to celebrate with their neighbours. Today’s task is to design a street party and write about it. What would you do? What would there be? You could draw a picture to show it as well.


Tuesday – During the war, people would sometimes communicate through codes. Today you are going to create your own code. Start by writing out the alphabet and leave room underneath each letter. Then give every letter a letter e.g. A = P, B = Q and C = R. Next have a go at writing a note in your code. Can someone work out what you’ve written without giving them your code?


Wednesday – Today you are going to write a poem about VE day. This could be an acrostic poem (choosing an appropriate word linked to VE day), this could be a shape poem or just a poem. Remember a poem doesn’t have to rhyme but it can if you want it to. I will leave this open for you to do it how you want to.


Thursday – Today you are going to perform your poem. You must practise and include actions. Remember to use different tones and volumes to your voice to emphasise certain words, phrases and lines


Friday – VE Day comprehension task. Choose one of the texts and answer the given questions.

Week/c 27.04.20 – Proof reading and improving your writing

Objectives – Proof-read to check for errors in spelling and punctuation, make improvements by proposing changes to grammar and vocabulary to improve consistency


Monday – (Draft piece – it doesn’t have to be your neatest work) Use the picture - see below. Where are you? What can you see, hear, touch, smell and taste? Write about it. Can you include three different conjunctions? Look at the word mat to help you.


Tuesday – Use a different coloured pen and check for missing punctuation. Have you included CL and FS in the correct places? What about , ? ! ‘ or “ “. Can you challenge yourself to edit your work to include a piece of punctuation you haven’t included?


Wednesday – Today you are going to check your spellings and improve vocabulary. Use a dictionary (if you have one at home or use an online one) or use the Phonics mat to use the correct sounds. I want you to correct at least 4 spellings. Then can you make sure you have used adjectives (describing words) and exciting vocabulary – can you change any of the words you’ve used?


Thursday – Today you are going to ‘Present’ your writing. Use the given template, use your books or you could type it up then decorate it. Look at the differences, is your final piece better than your draft?


Friday – Watch the first 4 chapters of Charlie Turns into a Chicken (on the Facebook group) and think of some questions you would like to ask Sam Copeland, the author, and I will email these to him.

Picture for Writing - Wonka Factory

Week/c 20.04.30 

Objectives -

  • Use of inverted commas to punctuate direct speech
  • Use the correct form of 'a' or 'an' depending whether the next word begins with a consonant or a vowel
  • Increase the legibility, quality and consistency of handwriting
  • Read and spell additional homophones


Monday – (Speech marks) Can you remember how to use them? Use the PowerPoint to remind yourself of the speech mark sandwich. You must have both the words that are being said AND a piece of punctuation within the speech marks. E.g. “How are you today?” asked Billy.

Can you write a conversation between two or three characters? Try to use different ways of saying ‘said’.


Tuesday – (a or an) Go around your house and collect 10 objects. Write their names with either ‘a’ or ‘an’. Can you remember what the rule is? Then write a sentence for each object you have chosen.


Wednesday – (Handwriting) Write a short letter to somebody who you can’t visit right now and tell them about your Easter Holiday but make sure it is in your BEST handwriting. Make sure all of your letters have leads in and leads out.


Thursday – (Homophones) Using this week’s spellings, write a sentence for each using the Homophones but make sure you use the correct meaning!


Friday – ‘Wanted’ Poster. Find a book at home which has a villain in it. Use the description of it to draw a picture and write a description to go with it.

Week/c  30.03.20 – Writing a fact file

Objective: Write a non-narrative using simple organisational devices such as headings and sub-headings


Monday – Plan - Choose a ‘topic’ which you are going to write a fact file about. Mind-map questions or ideas about what you would like to find out to put in your fact file. (You could write about a famous person, place, an animal, a religious celebration, a time in history, sport)


Tuesday – Research - Use the internet, books you have at home or programmes to research your chosen subject. Make notes and try and answer all the questions you have written.


Wednesday – Write – Put together your research into ‘sections’ and write into full sentences. Make sure you have a sub-heading for each part. Check through your writing, have you got full stops, capital letters, correct spellings and do all your sentences make sense?


Thursday – Put together your fact file. You can write, cut and stick to create it, use the given template or use a computer to type it up. You could even make a PowerPoint presentation. Think about the layout to make it look as interesting as possible. CHALLENGE – Can you create a glossary to go with it?


Friday - Make a story bag. Choose a well-known story (e.g. Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk) and collect/make objects, paint rocks, make finger/stick puppets to help you retell the story to someone else.


See below for optional resources

Week/c 23rd March - Writing a short story

Year 3 Writing Objective - Write a narrative with a clear structure, setting, characters and plot


Monday - Create your main characters. Draw and describe them. What do they look like? What personality traits do they have? What do they like/not like? Write as much about them as you can. 

Tuesday - Design the setting. Draw and describe it. Where does your story take place? What is it like there? 

Wednesday - Plan your story using a story mountain (see example then print off or create your own). What happens? What is the problem? How does it get resolved?

Thursday - Write your short story. Read through and improve once completed.

Friday - Choose one of the reading tasks to complete


See below for optional resources


Phonics 20th April



20th April


We are learning different spellings for a few sounds that are similar.













Look at the pictures  above and see if you can spell the correct word.


See if you can sort these words according to the spelling pattern.


burn    girl     mixer    surf   word  skirt  worse  thirteen    church   lobster   nurse   shirt   mermaid     her   sir  early   work    whirl



Try writing these words in a sentence. How many can you use in the same sentence?


Make flash cards with this week’s words written on.

Take a piece of paper with a word, scrunch it into a ball and say and spell the word as you do so.


Week 2. 30th March

We are learning the different spellings for the sound 'or'. These include aw, au, our, al and augh. 


1) Think of as many words as you can with each spelling of the sound.

2) Play this game on phonics play.

3) Use this website to find lists of words. Find further activities at the bottom of each list.

4) Write a sentence containing these words. Can you use 4 words in one sentnece?

5) Using the words you have found this week, make a roll and read sheet to play with another person. 


Week 1. 23rd March


We are learning the different spellings for the sound 'ew'. These include oo, ue, u_e, ew  and u. 

This week there is a roll and read sheet and a Kahoot Quiz for you to complete. 

(Remember to use your real name on the quiz, only the Year 3 teachers will be able to see it)

Or use the pin code - 0564504