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English Quiz


Another English quiz for you this week. This time it is all about Homophones. You must choose the correct word to fill in the missing word in the sentence.


Use the link below OR go straight onto the Kahoot website and enter the pin…


PIN 0942111


Don't forget to use your real name (only Miss Cox can see this)

Good luck!

Week/c  30.03.20 – Writing a fact file

Objective: Write a non-narrative using simple organisational devices such as headings and sub-headings


Monday – Plan - Choose a ‘topic’ which you are going to write a fact file about. Mind-map questions or ideas about what you would like to find out to put in your fact file. (You could write about a famous person, place, an animal, a religious celebration, a time in history, sport)


Tuesday – Research - Use the internet, books you have at home or programmes to research your chosen subject. Make notes and try and answer all the questions you have written.


Wednesday – Write – Put together your research into ‘sections’ and write into full sentences. Make sure you have a sub-heading for each part. Check through your writing, have you got full stops, capital letters, correct spellings and do all your sentences make sense?


Thursday – Put together your fact file. You can write, cut and stick to create it, use the given template or use a computer to type it up. You could even make a PowerPoint presentation. Think about the layout to make it look as interesting as possible. CHALLENGE – Can you create a glossary to go with it?


Friday - Make a story bag. Choose a well-known story (e.g. Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk) and collect/make objects, paint rocks, make finger/stick puppets to help you retell the story to someone else.


See below for optional resources

Week/c 23rd March - Writing a short story

Year 3 Writing Objective - Write a narrative with a clear structure, setting, characters and plot


Monday - Create your main characters. Draw and describe them. What do they look like? What personality traits do they have? What do they like/not like? Write as much about them as you can. 

Tuesday - Design the setting. Draw and describe it. Where does your story take place? What is it like there? 

Wednesday - Plan your story using a story mountain (see example then print off or create your own). What happens? What is the problem? How does it get resolved?

Thursday - Write your short story. Read through and improve once completed.

Friday - Choose one of the reading tasks to complete


See below for optional resources




Week 2. 30th March

We are learning the different spellings for the sound 'or'. These include aw, au, our, al and augh. 


1) Think of as many words as you can with each spelling of the sound.

2) Play this game on phonics play.

3) Use this website to find lists of words. Find further activities at the bottom of each list.

4) Write a sentence containing these words. Can you use 4 words in one sentnece?

5) Using the words you have found this week, make a roll and read sheet to play with another person. 


Week 1. 23rd March


We are learning the different spellings for the sound 'ew'. These include oo, ue, u_e, ew  and u. 

This week there is a roll and read sheet and a Kahoot Quiz for you to complete. 

(Remember to use your real name on the quiz, only the Year 3 teachers will be able to see it)

Or use the pin code - 0564504

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words. Children have to be able to read and spell these words by the end of Year 4.