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Week beginning 13.07.20  EYFS Challenges

Memories and Moving on


Good Morning to everyone in RCF and RHG and welcome to our Special Week of looking backwards over the year, and forwards to the next stage in your learning journey, in Year One.

All of Monday's Challenges are about looking backwards over the first year in School.  The activities are outlined here, but there are full details in this week's "Other" Folder.


1.  You are challenged to create an Alphabet Frieze of your child's first year in school, based on  Learning, Friends and Feelings.  All alphabets posted will receive a Certificate of Excellence.


2.  Now and Then ... using photographs, can you create a Timeline of your first year in School?  Please begin at September 2019 and end in July 2020.  Home Learning and "Bubble" Learning show the Historic Times in which we are living and form what Historians call, Primary Evidence.  All Timelines made and displayed will receive an Historic Achievement Certificate.


3.  Montage of Memories.  Please download a free App called "Piccolage".  As the name suggests, it enables you to make a collage of pictures, with annotations.  In this term in school, we would have spent time with your child looking back over their Learning Journey and letting them choose their favourite memories of which we have photographs.  Can you do it at home?  All Montages posed will receive an ICT Expert Award.


4.  I challenge you to make a reading den and take  in your favourite toys.  Next, get your favourite story and record yourself reading the story to them.  All those who post this fantastic achievement, will receive a Magnificent Reader Award.


5.  Think back to your first few days at School and how you felt.  Can you make a Video to help the new children coming into EYFS?  More details in this week's other Folder.


6.  I challenge you to make a Time Capsule of your first year in School and bury it in your garden, until you are a Year 6 pupil leaving primary school.


See you back here on Wednesday when we shall be making masks to help us talk to our grown ups about how we are feeling about moving into Year One and all of our hopes, dreams and ambitions.  Bye for now.