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Week beginning 13.07.20  EYFS Challenges

Memories and Moving on


Good Morning to everyone in RCF and RHG and welcome to our Special Week of looking backwards over the year, and forwards to the next stage in your learning journey, in Year One.

All of Monday's Challenges are about looking backwards over the first year in School.  The activities are outlined here, but there are full details in this week's "Other" Folder.


1.  You are challenged to create an Alphabet Frieze of your child's first year in school, based on  Learning, Friends and Feelings.  All alphabets posted will receive a Certificate of Excellence.


2.  Now and Then ... using photographs, can you create a Timeline of your first year in School?  Please begin at September 2019 and end in July 2020.  Home Learning and "Bubble" Learning show the Historic Times in which we are living and form what Historians call, Primary Evidence.  All Timelines made and displayed will receive an Historic Achievement Certificate.


3.  Montage of Memories.  Please download a free App called "Piccolage".  As the name suggests, it enables you to make a collage of pictures, with annotations.  In this term in school, we would have spent time with your child looking back over their Learning Journey and letting them choose their favourite memories of which we have photographs.  Can you do it at home?  All Montages posed will receive an ICT Expert Award.


4.  I challenge you to make a reading den and take  in your favourite toys.  Next, get your favourite story and record yourself reading the story to them.  All those who post this fantastic achievement, will receive a Magnificent Reader Award.


5.  Think back to your first few days at School and how you felt.  Can you make a Video to help the new children coming into EYFS?  More details in this week's other Folder.


6.  I challenge you to make a Time Capsule of your first year in School and bury it in your garden, until you are a Year 6 pupil leaving primary school.


See you back here on Wednesday when we shall be making masks to help us talk to our grown ups about how we are feeling about moving into Year One and all of our hopes, dreams and ambitions.  Bye for now.



Wednesday 15.07.20  EYFS Challenges

Memories and Moving On


Good Morning Everyone in RHG and RCF.  Today we shall be focusing on how you are feeling about moving into Year One.  You may well be feeling excited about having a new teacher, a new classroom, learning lots of new things, or you may be feeling a little unsure about what it is going to be like, or you could even be feeling a little of both.  All of these feelings are very understandable and talking with  your grown up about how you are feeling, really can. help

In this week's Other Folder there is a link to a site for making plate emotions masks, to help you to show and and talk about how you are feeling about moving into Year One.

Think about how you are feeling.  Pick up the happy mask and tell your grown up all the things about moving into Year One, that makes you feel happy.  Think again, is there anything that makes you feel a little sad?  Pick up the mask if there is, and talk to your grown up.  Think again, is there anything that makes you feel a little worried?  Again, talk to your grown up.  At the bottom there is also a link to a book called "The Huge Bag of Worries".  Please take the time to watch and listen to the story with your grown up.  Talking over anything that you are worried about is always a good thing.  


2.  Paint a self portrait for your new teacher.

On the back, tell them 5 fascinating facts all about you.  (Please ask your grown up to write them down for you, exactly as you say them).  All portraits posted, will receive be awarded  a Portrait Artist Certificate.


3.  A Jar of Dreams.  (You will need an empty jar for this activity).  Think about what you would like to get better at in Year One,  what you would like to be when you are a grown up, where you would like to live  and your wish for the World.  Ask your grown up to write each one a separate piece of paper.  Please write your name on the back of each one.  Then, fold each piece of paper up and place in the empty jar.  Make a name label for your Jar of Dreams and decorate as you wish.  Please keep safe until you can share it with your new Teacher.

All Jar of Dreams makers posting, will receive a Certificate.


4.  I challenge you to write an acrostic poem using your name as the key word.  Write words or phrases that describes you to a tee!  For example, the name Freda, could be

Fun loving,

Ready for Year One,

Everyone's friend,

Determined to do my best,

Always, Always!


5.  Use the link to the song "Reach For the Stars".  Please learn the chorus and make up a dance!  Everyone posting will receive an "I am a Star Reacher" Certificate.

Friday 17.07.20  EYFS Final Challenges

Memories and Moving On


Good Morning to everyone in RCF and RHG

Today, is our final day and may I say that everyone in EYFS would like to thank you for keeping Home Learning going, in very difficult times.  We think you have all been amazing and are very well deserving of the Summer Break to come.  

1.  Your first challenge is one that if you do it regularly over the holidays, you will amaze your new teacher in September.  Can you draw a line with a ruler and write your full name, sitting on that line?  Make sure that you have only one capital letter at the beginning of your first name and one at the beginning of your surname.  Next write  numbers starting at 0 and ending at 10, or 15, or 20.  Don't forget to check that they are all facing the right way; practice any that are not.  If you would like any further learning tasks, please browse the Year 1 Phonics, Literacy and Maths folders, on the Home Learning Page.  Phonics Phase 4 games would be very good practice for Year 1.


2.  I challenge you to make some buns or chocolate crispies, for a Teddy Bear's Picnic. Remember to wash your hands before you begin.


3.  I challenge you to organise a Teddy Bear's Picnic for lunchtime.  What will you need?  Talk to your grown up as it may not be possible today, but there are lots of days in the holidays.  If you can hold one today, please post any photographs, we would love to see them.  Thank you.  Teddy Bears Picnic Song at the bottom of the page.


4.  I challenge you to make a Bucket List of things you would like to do over the holidays and cross them off if you do them.  Please post any lists made.


5. I challenge you to video a goodbye message for the EYFS grown ups.  They are all tagged in and can't wait to see and hear from you.


Please stay safe and have a brilliant holiday and we will see you when school starts again on Tuesday 8th September.  Bye for now Super Stars.