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VE Day - Friday 8th May

VE Day


On 8th May 1945 victory in Europe was declared and this signalled the end of a horrible war. The people of Britain were so happy, the war had gone on for 6 years and made lots of people very sad and worried. Now that it was over, everyone had a huge party! They made bunting, baked cakes and danced in the streets! Every year we celebrate this date as VE Day.



  • Can you hold a tea party with your toys to celebrate? They will need party hats and lots of bunting to decorate the bedroom!
  • Can you bake some delicious cakes and buns for your toys' tea party?




VE Day Celebrations

VE Day Buckingham Palace (1945)

War Pictorial News Newsreel Crowds cheer Winston Churchill, King George, Queen Elizabeth, and other members of the royal family as they appear outside Buckin...