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Summer - Mini Beasts, Plants and Colours


This week in phonics we shall be practicing the alphabet. Here are some points to consider, so that you can help your child to further develop their knowledge.

Does your child know all 26 letter names of the alphabet, in the correct order?  Does  your child know all the sounds of the letters of the alphabet?  Can your child recognise both the capital letter graphemes and the matching  lower case graphemes.  Does your child know the 5 vowels?


Below are links to help with all of the above..

Make 2 sets of alphabet cards.  One in lower case and one in capitals, (upper case).  Please use the school handwriting style for the lower case letters, with the instrokes and outstrokes.  There are handwriting formation videos on the Home Learning Page, in the Year 1 Handwriting folder, which you may find useful.T


Take the lower case set.  Shuffle them.  Then put them in one pile, face down on the table or the floor.  Ask your child to turn the top card over and read it as a sound.  (a as in apple).  If your child knows it, they can keep it.  Any not known at this point, are the ones to practise.  (If you make a sheet with the lower case alphabet on, your child can lightly colour over the sounds that they know.  Date the sheet, and put a tick of the colour next to the date.  As you practise over the week, see how many more sounds you can colour in on the sheet.  (Use a different colour, so that your child can clearly see, how much they have learned and celebrate this).

The cards may be used in a variety of ways. Can your child put the lower case letters in alphabetical order?  What about the capital letters?  (Upper case). In school, we encourage the children to display them in a semi-circle.


Repeat with the upper case letters.


If your child knows both, play a matching game with the cards, matching upper and lower case letters.  Again, the children can keep the letters and sounds matched, leaving only the remaining ones to focus their learning on.

Please share your child's learning with us.


The Top Marks Site is one which we use in school in the ICT Suite.  Please explore with your child in order that they can practice and gain further  knowledge and skills, relating to the alphabet.


SUPER CHALLENGE!  Can you make an alphabet containing both upper and lower case letters, with pictures representing that sound/letter?  The pictures can only be of Mini Beasts, Plants or Colours.

All Super Alphabets will be awarded a Certificate.  Challenge yourself, you can do it!