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Please see our Relationships, Health & Sex Education Policy Spring 2021 below


Our 'Mental - Health Ambassadors'

A special group of children from KS2 presented their own Assembly to the children of Year 3 and 4 to introduce themselves and to tell them about how we all need to look after our mental health.

They are our fantastic 'Mental -Health Ambassadors' who are available at break times and other times during different activities for children to talk to  and to help promote children to look after their mental health.

Challenging Stereotypes Year 4

Jigsaw Year 4 Challenging stereotypes.

Children in Year 4 were challenged to look at photographs of different people and to decide just by looking: their ages, hobbies, job and even their favourite food. Very few of us guessed correctly we decided that the best policy is to 'Never judge a book by its cover.' We made tinted glasses to help us remember this. 

Jigsaw pieces and relationships displays

We respect each other.