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Year 4

       The children in Year 4 enjoyed a special visit from Reverend Andrew Wilson from Hackney in London. (He had been invited to visit our school as well as other schools in East Yorkshire by the Diocese of York.) We really enjoyed asking him lots of questions about his work as a Vicar and we compared our school and activities to a school Reverend Wilson visits regularly. He talked to us about the Creation stories and stewardship.

RE A Special Visitor

Learning Gymnastics

Year 4 World Book Day

Look,Listen and Learn and learn about Ancient Greece! 

  Year 4 have been writing "persuasive leaflets" encouraging others to visit The British Museum in London and all the Ancient Greek artifacts there. We have been drawing examples of Greece pottery and making Greek masks. This week we were thrilled when Mrs Drake allowed us to look at and hold " real examples" of Greek pottery; a small jug, a bowl,  an oil or ghee lamp and a very delicate perfume bottle. Amazing!

Looking at Ancient Greece 500BC.


       Year 4 have been Greek dancing during our PE sessions. We learned a tricky sequence of steps to "Zorba the Greek"music. It was exiting as the music got faster and faster!!!!!

Greek Dancing.

Year 4 enjoyed a special visit from Hornsea writer Marvin Close. He told us all about his work, the books he has written and the main techniques he uses for writing a play script. Our Greek plays are amazing!

How do you write a play?

Creative Arts Week "Star light Star bright!"

Star light Star bright! 

How do we hear sound?

Year 4 have been investigating how we hear different sounds such as music and voices as part of our Science topic.

How do we hear different sounds?