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29.06.20  Pirates, Mermaids and The Beach


Calling all Pirates and Mermaids in RCF and RHG, see how many Challenges you can achieve today and tomorrow.

1.  Can you find your Pirate or Mermaid costume and accessories and change into them all by yourself?  Can you take a selfie and have your grown up post it on the FB Challenge Page?  5 + 5 = ? Mrs Bottery stars for all pictures posted.


2.  Can you read 2 verses of the poem "Pirate Pete", below?  After reading it, how many digraphs can you spot?  Can you learn the 2 verses and post your performance on the Face Book Group page?  All performances posted will be awarded a Certificate.  Go on, you can do it.

Pirate Pete had a ship on the sea,

Pirate Pete had a fish for his tea,

Pirate Pete had a peg for a knee

And a tiny little parrot that he called Polly.


Pirate Pete had a book with a map,

Pirate Pete had a skull on his cap.

Pirate Pete had a cat on his lap,

And another little parrot that he called Dolly.

More Pirate Pete verses on Wednesday. Which four letters will the name of the next little parrot end in?  How do you know? Tell your grown up what you are thinking.

3 Message to a Mermaid or to a Shipmate.

The Message to a Mermaid suggestion is in this week's Literacy Folder on the Home Learning Page.

Message to a Shipmate, write a message to one of your shipmates in RCF or RHG about the Treasure Map that you have found and inviting them to come on an adventure with you ......

All the adults in EYFS will be tagged in, as they would love to see your messages.  Every Mermaid and Pirate posting, will receive a Stars Certificate, just like those awarded in Assembly on Fridays.


4.  In Maths this week we are learning to problem solve, sometimes called, Reasoning.

Using the link to "Share Bear Care Bear" in this week's Maths Folder, please watch with your child.  The main teaching points of problem solving eg the discussion, the team work and the crucial element that "trialling" is what is important, not necessarily always having the right strategy at first, is within it.  After watching the video, try the NRICH problem solving puzzle called "Share Bears".  It would be most helpful if you could inform me about your child's understanding of the "Share Bears" task, so that I can suggest possible next steps for your child.

I have also included in the Maths Folder links to the  Pirate Addition and Subtraction Songs for you and to a pirate song about Subidisation - meaning how we look at the numbers on a die and recognise the amount without having to count them.  There is a more detailed explanation, of how this helps your child to develop their mathematical understanding, in this week's Maths Folder.


5.  In this week's Creative Folder, can you click on the link to one of the sites and have a browse with your grown up and choose some things to make this week, ready for the Show and Tell on Friday. 

Wednesday, 01.07.20  EYFS Challenges

Pirates, Mermaids and The Beach

1.  Phonics  Did you spot all of these digraphs in the poem Pirate Pete?  sh   ea    ee   oo


Please go onto  (link in Phonics Folder) and select Buried Treasure.  Any of the above digraphs, from Phases 2 and 3, can be chosen on the random word generator, for practice purposes.  There is more why this is of benefit for your child in Year 1, in the Phonics Folder.


2. Maths  Problems, problems.  If you haven't already watched the Share Bear Care Bear video yet, please use the link in this week's Maths Folder.  There is also an explanation of the process of Problem Solving, also known as Reasoning, also in there.

Today's challenges are free 2 games linked to Problem Solving, on the Topmarks website.  One is called "Buried Bones" and the other is called "Power Lines".  (There are links in this week's Maths Folder).


3.  The Beach.  How very lucky we are having a beach on our doorstep.  One of the pupils in our School, Jay in Year 5 has been doing something very kind and caring at the Beach, for the last 4 years.  What do you think it could be?


Each year, Jay beach cleans, which means he collects the rubbish including broken beach toys, that people are just leaving lying around.  What Jay is doing is so important, because if the litter is just left lying on the beach, it gets washed into the sea and many sea creatures are harmed by it.  Some even eat it, which makes them very poorly indeed and some do not survive.

Please design a poster reminding people to either use the rubbish bins or if there is not one nearby, take all of their litter home with them and save our precious sea creatures ?  All posters posted will receive a special Litter Free Beach Team Certificate.

Jay always raises monies for good causes with his Beach Cleans.  This year he has already raised over £750 for the Inshore Rescue Service.  BRILLIANT WORK JAY!  Thank you.


4. Have a trip to the beach, weather permitting, to collect shells or pebbles for your Mermaid and Pirate crafts.  (See links in this week's Creative Folder).  Enjoy your time there but please remember to take any litter home, to protect the creatures living in the sea.  (More about these next week).  Remember anything which you have made this week, you can share with everyone in Friday's Show and Tell.


5.  Well-Being Wednesday Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Discover Mimi the Mermaid who magically grows Magic Party Legs or go for a midnight sail on a Pirate Ship, with Yoga Bugs, in a story called Pirate Adventure.


Looking forward to seeing and hearing all that you have been learning this week in Friday's Show and Tell. 


Friday 03.07.20  EYFS Challenges

Pirates, Mermaids and The Beach

Good Morning Mermaids and Pirates, here are your Friday Challenges1.


1.  Show and Tell.

Calling all Pirates and Mermaids, please get into costume and choose make a video recording of all your Pirate or Mermaid items, books, toys, films, something you have made this week after browsing the Creative Folder and tell us all about it.


2.  Explore Ceebeebies Swashbuckle site, find "Seaweed Radio" and listen to a story.


3.  Perform and post on Facebook your all time favourite Mermaid Song.


4.  Have a Family Movie Time.  Make tickets, popcorn and watch a Pirate or a Mermaid Movie.


5.  Choose a challenge from the virtual Sports Day, that you haven't completed yet and share pictures.


Have a lovely weekend and see you bright and early on Monday for your new challenges.  Our learning lens will turn to Water and Staying Safe in the water. 

Do you have a favourite Sea Creature?  I do.  I will tell you next week.  Bye for now.