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Week beginning 08/06/20

This week we have 2 digraphs and 1 trigraph for you to spot when you are reading and to practise writing.  Always remember to practise it in the air first, with big arm movements. 

(A digraph is 2 letters that make one new sound and a trigraph is 3 letters that make 1 new sound).

ai as in rain               oa as in coat     

               igh as in bright


Now have some fun writing them first in the air as you say them, then with a bubble wand if you have one, or in some flour or even in shaving foam. If the sun is shining outside you could write them in chalksmiley.  Click on the Starfall Reading link below to read "The Soap Boat".

Make a memory game with these three new sounds. Write each sound twice on separate pieces of paper or card.  Put the sounds face down on either a table or the floor.  Turn one sound over and say it.  Then, turn another sound over and say it.  If they match, you can keep the pair.  If they do not match, turn them both back over and try again.