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Teaching Staff/Class Organisation









  • Mrs C. Foster (EYFS Leader)
  • Miss H. Goodwin
  • Mrs J. Bottery

Year 1

  • Mrs K. Ripley (Year 1 Leader)
  • Mrs M. Swinden
  • Mrs S. Jennings
  • Mrs A. Rotherham
Year 2


  • Mrs K. Beaumont (Year 2 Leader)
  • Mrs J. Keenan
  • Mrs L. Midgley
  • Mrs I. Burton



Year 3



  • Mr C. White (Year 3 Leader)
  • Mrs L. Wortley
  • Miss J. Cox


Year 4


  • Mrs J. Haigh (Year 4 Leader)
  • Mrs K. Ludlam
  • Mrs S. Billam
  • Mrs S. Close


Year 5


  • Mrs A. Worsley  (Year 5 Leader)
  • Mr J. Patterson
  • Mrs L. Joy


Year 6


  • Miss N. Field  (Year 6 Leader)
  • Miss H. Reed
  • Miss S. Parcell


  • Mrs S. Jennings & Mrs J. Keenan


PPA Staff:

Mrs H. Burton

Mrs S. Smith

Miss L. Elvidge

Mrs C. Eldred  

Mrs L. Jackson





Subject/Aspect Leader
Curriculum (All subjects/aspects) Mrs J. Haigh

Mrs A. Whitehead

Mrs S. Smith (Data Manager)


Mrs K. Beaumont

 (Mrs A. Rotherham - supporting)

Maths Mrs A. Worsley
SENDCO Mrs J. Keenan
SEND Intervention Mrs S. Jennings
EYFS Mrs L. Midgley
Pupil Premium Intervention Miss N. Field

Miss H. Garforth

Phonics Mrs. L. Wortley
Geography Mrs K. Ludlam
DT Mrs I. Burton
History Mr C. White
Art Mrs L. Joy
Music & MFL Mrs H. Burton
Basic Skills Award/ Reading Buddies Mrs K. Ripley
ICT/Website/E-safety Mrs S. Smith & Mr J. Patterson
P.E Miss J. Cox and Miss H. Reed
RE, PSHCE, SMSC, British Values Mrs S. Billam
Aspect Leader

Community Cohesion & Press Officer

Mrs M. Simmonite/Mrs K. Ripley

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Mrs J. Haigh

EVC & Outdoor Learning

Miss S. Parcell

Pupil/Parent Voice/Engagement

School Council

Performing Arts

Miss M. Thompson
EYFS – Characteristics of effective Mrs J. Bottery

Staff Support Mentor

NQT/Student Mentor

Mrs C. Foster
Talented Children Mrs I. Burton