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What our parents think!

Feedback from our Let's Learn Session 22nd September 2022


I loved this mornings Learn Together. I especially loved the focus on mindfullness and mental health. All the children were happy and engaged.


Good experience, introduced to 'Jigsaw' and rainbow breathing which I was unaware of and will practice with the kids at home.


A great fun packed hour spent in my son's class.


I love coming to these mornings to see what the lads get up to and the experiments have been so fun even if they were very messy.


Such an amazing environment to learn and have fun! He seems to have settled really well and his ne teachers and support staff are really kind! Another amazing experience to be able to come into school and spend time with my child and his peers.


Brilliant morning with lots of fun activities for everyone to get involved in.


Love practical Science! Great to get our hands dirty in the name of fun and discovering!


It's been lovely to see the children in their classroom and see them settled down into the new year with their new teacher. The activities are lovely and the children and parents are getting a lot out if it. It is nice to see that the children are working on. We enjoyed colouring in and chatting about Jungles. It was nice to meet the teacher and staff in the classroom.


I've enjoyed coming into my child's school to see his new classroom and teacher and learn about the topics my child is learning about at the moment.


Lovely morning, to be able to gain an insight into my child's time spent in her classroom is great. Thankyou for the opportunity.


Really enjoy these sessions, lovely to see children in the school environment and get a glimpse of their school day.


Thank you for letting us all in to see their classroom again. It really helps a parent to feel comfortable with letting their child go if they can envisage where they are spending their days. The classroom is bright, well lit and cheerful. I am happy my child is spending his day in an uplifting environment with appropriate well mannered members of staff. It was good to see the famous locker at last! It was interesting to look at the work in his drawer. Little things like who a child is sat with are important for parents to know.


I love these events its brilliant to see how much fun the children have in school.


Feedback from our Parent Survey July 2022


I am happy with the schools attitude towards emotional well-being. My children feel valued and cared about.


My children are both excellent readers due to opportunities at school (Library visits, reading books to bring home) and also as we read a lot at home too.


New classes day is great. I think its good for the classes to be mixed up so the children can make new friends, plus it prepares them for secondary school when classes will be different.


My child has always enjoyed school and looks forward to it every day; I think this is indicative  of the atmosphere and ethos embedded within school. She speaks fondly about all staff members involved within her class. She's also really enjoyed joining in with lots of clubs this year; thank you.


The range of extra-curricular activities is excellent at the school. My child has taken advantage of some of them. Trying to fit them all in is the problem! The school works had to deliver a sound, healthy learning environment.


Kind and caring teachers, wide variety of subjects covered including emotional wellbeing, parents are listened to. Thank you so much my daughter has really thrived this year!


My child has enjoyed being in her current class, she has enjoyed the topic about Roman's and has enjoyed learning French. She also loved being able to go on school trips this year. She has made great progress with her reading, she has progressed well through the stages - this has been well supported.


I feel my child has progressed well this year...The teacher's have been great and kept me informed with how my child has been doing academically.


My child has enjoyed learning about the great fire of London and making the houses. She also liked learning about Paddington Bear and reading all the different books about him.


School are great at communicating and teachers are always there to answer any questions I have.


A great range of club's for different years, my daughter has enjoyed all that she has attended, a good amount of trips to help with children's learning.


I feel my child has done very well this year, we have had support from our child's teacher about her own confidence in her work and feel we have cracked this. The support is always there.


The athletes visit was really enjoyable, it was great to have different types of athletes represented...reading has been great and our child really enjoys reading. We've seen her development during this year from sounding out letters, blending, talking about diagraphs and independently choosing to read whenever she wants to.


Its a very nurturing environment and I believe the children know who to approach for help - it's made very clear.


The staff are dedicated and committed, the range of extracurricular activities on offer is brilliant and communication between home and school is excellent.


HCPS is a very friendly, helpful school, the teacher's I've come across so far couldn't help enough and are always happy to listen and solve any issues or enquiries I may have.


The school are great at looking after the children's emotional well-being...the whole staff go beyond to help the children.


Feedback from our World Book day event 3rd March 2022


Year 1


Such a lovely experience seeing the children in their class and all their work.


Thank you for inviting us in to school today. We have had a brilliant time seeing the children in their school environment and their work.


It has been lovely to see F’s classroom and where he sits with his friends.


 I enjoyed coming into school to spend time with O doing reading activities. It was my first time spending time in the school and I really enjoyed it.


 It is so lovely to visit H’s class! I have really enjoyed seeing H work so hard, drawing pictures for his book.


This morning has been brilliant to spend with L in her classroom. I love how she can sign good morning and lunch. This exercise has mode both me and L very happy. Thank you.


This morning has been really good to actually come and see L in his classroom and join in with his learning whilst having fun. It’s great. Would love to do this more often.


I really enjoyed being able to come into school and spend time with R helping him with lots of fun activities. What a lovely classroom!


A and I had a super time making bookmarks and reading. It was lovely seeing A’s class and how he’s settled in. Thank you.


I have really enjoyed visiting 1SC. It was lovely to see the classroom, the children knowing their routine and especially the sign language they use. The children are all so happy in the environment. I have really enjoyed the visit.


It was lovely to be able to come and see S’s classroom and work with her.


Yes! This is what it is all about! More please! A very enjoyable morning for both child and parent. It was reassuring to be able to see my child’s environment. It was nice to see who he is sat with on a daily basis and also to see which members of staff are in the room. Reminded us of our own parents reading to us in school.


Year 2


Felt welcome and lovely to spend some time in the classroom. Thanks.


Lovely morning. We had fun learning about my rude pet dragon from 1997.


I have enjoyed all the crafts with the children. They have had a great variety of activities. What a great morning.


I had a lovely time visiting 2LM this morning.


An enjoyable, fun hour in the school environment seeing the children interacting and enjoying learning. Thank you for having me.


A lovely time visiting 2LM for WBD. I really enjoyed the variety of activities available to do with the children to support their learning. Thank you for having me.


A very enjoyable morning. A lovely idea. Lovely to see all the children in the classroom.

I felt welcome and it was lovely to spend some time in the classroom. Thanks.


Good fun. Lovely to see how the children enjoyed the activities and how they worked together. So well behaved.


We have enjoyed our time together in the classroom. R enjoyed everything and so did Grandma!


Me and F had a fab time. Plenty to do and lots of different activities to enjoy. Had a lovely time. Thank you.


Great and fun activities really enjoyed having fun with F. Thank you for having us. Really enjoyed the dragon theme.


I had a really lovely morning being able to join in the activities. It has been great to be able to come into school again to see the children in the classroom.


Really enjoyed the activities and so did the children. Great to come in and see F and his brother play as haven’t been able to due to the pandemic. Great morning.


Thank you. Had a lovely morning watching all the crafts and activities the children have made.


It has been wonderful to see inside the classroom. F has been so excited to show me. The children are very lucky to have such a lovely school. Let’s hope we can have more activity mornings!


Really good to see P with his friends enjoying school.


It was lovely to have some time with E at school. Really nice environment and nice to see her with her classmates. Thank you.


Thank you for allowing us back in to see our children in their classroom. Was a pleasure to see how happy they are.


Year 3


Really enjoyed visiting the classroom and seeing I and her classmates having fun learning together.

Great to see the children working in class again after so long.


It has been a delight to be allowed back into the classroom after so long. It’s wonderful to see what the children have been up to and now to be able to join in. Thank you!!


It was so nice to be able to come into school again and join in with their activities.


I really enjoyed coming back into school to see what the children have been up to and would love to come back soon.


It has been lovely coming into school again. Such a pleasure to join in with the children and see them so happy.


It was nice to be able to come in school and see what the kids get up to. It’s my first time ever as covid has put a stop to most things. Great to be able to do these things again.


I have really enjoyed being able to join in E in her class today. E was very excited to show me and her brother her classroom. I look forward to coming in again in the future.


Year 4


Enjoyed coming into school to join in with activities with my children. The staff and activities are wonderful.

WBD in school is a brilliant opportunity to see the children enjoying the activities.


L really liked being able to dress up and loved the fact that mum and dad could spend time at school.


Great morning, good to see all the interaction between children and parents.


Thank you for having us, we’ve really enjoyed it.


Year 5


Thank you for a lovely start to the day! Great to have an hour with F on WBD. What a lovely class. Big credit to Mrs R.


I have really enjoyed being able to spend time with H and the class group. Lovely experience. Thank you.


Had lots of fun. Was great to be back in school with the children doing some things.


It has been great to be able to come back in to school and spend time with the children.


The activities were fun and varied and the children were all smiling. As a parent it was great to be able to join in and visit my child in his class. Mr P as always is fab and all the staff have made a great effort.

Was lovely to be back in school after such a long time. Seeing all the children happy. Good atmosphere in Mr P’s class.


Great morning, so good to be back!! Missed out on these activity days.


It’s lovely to be able to come into school with the children again, we have had a great morning in Year 5 completing tasks for WBD. Look forward to hopefully being able to come into school for more activities.


Year 6


Great fun! Nice to be back in school.


I have really enjoyed coming into school and working with T on her reading activities.